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   Chapter 15 He's Extremely Handsome

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Rose's POV

Once again the loneliness made me sad but the sexy phone caught my attention. I got excited and started checking it. I got a message from Angelo Cox. I bite my lower lip and blushed opening it.

"Good night, sweet dreams, Pink Rose, " I blushed reading it.

'Is it really true or a beautiful dream to have him as my boyfriend?' I blushed, staring at the message.

I changed his name as 'Angel'.

'It's true, believe me, Rosy darling, '

'Stop jumping in happiness. Who knows it can be fake too? They may be fooling you, '

I know, I lost the memory. But why I'm thinking weirdly with the positive and negative answers?

Should I tell this to Evan? He may give the shock treatment, thinking that I became mad.

Oh God, no I don't want to face it. Then what should I do?

I like the one who is calling me Rosy darling.

'I'm your heart dear.' It declared.

'But it's waste and useless, ' again I got the rude comment.

I hate it when she talks negatively.

'It's your brain giving you negative comments, Rosy darling. Ignore it as its already sick. I'm perfectly fine and always can guide you on the right path, ' my heart stated.

It's true that my brain was hurt and I should follow my heart. It's like my boyfriend Angel pamper me with endearment.

When I found him through the internet. I got scared to meet him, although I'm curious to see the man who always been with me throughout my coma journey.

My heart skipped its beat when I saw him coming to me in that black outfit.

'Your heart was weak and even stopping to beat. So be careful, ' my brain taunted.

'As if you're healthy, ' even my heart taunted.

For God sake will you both shut up and don't make me mad for real. Already I'm scared for my memory loss.

His hazel orbs glittered with happiness and had tears. I felt happy to witness those pure feelings from a billionaire like him.

He's extremely handsome than the pictures on the internet. But he looked pale and had dark circles under his eyes.

Not any less than Sarah. She was in worst condition than him. She was looking like a living corpse but was happy with my recovery. They all been with me and helped me to recover.

But what I did? I forgot them.

'But it's not in your hands, Rosy darling, ' my heart cooed me.

I heaved a sigh and my thoughts again shifted to Angel.

His touch, his words, his actions depicting how much he loves me. Sarah was not comfortable around him and behaved as if he may hurt me.

Does she hate him because of my accident or is there any other reason she was hiding from me?

Already, I have zillions of questions and doubts. One more added to the list. I heaved an exasperated sigh.

Even after forgetting everything, I got easily connected to Sarah and Nancy. Evan told that my heart recognized them but couldn't able to remember things.

And even with Angel, I felt the same. I didn't even think twice to talk or touch him. His hazel orbs intently gazed me with love. His teasing look and smirk made me blush like anything.

I don't understand why I reacted with him closely. I felt nice and safe with him. He was in pain and guilt which killed me. I want to snatch the pain and throw it in the dustbin.

'Is this called love? Do I really love him?'

My eyes started getting heavy.

Melody's POV

Evan's cabin was filled with silence. Sarah was burning in rage. Angelo was happy but the tension in the room was making him uncomfortable.

Nancy wants to break the silence but she felt it's good if Evan did that. Evan was happy with the outcome of his plan to unite Angelo and Rose with a myth. His instinct was right and both of them have feelings on each other.

But Sarah's behavior had been a little disturbance. He convinced her


After the incident, she forgot the real Angelo who treats his trusted employees as his own family and helps them. She never saw him misbehaving with any girl though he got laid with many.

He treat Nancy as his mother though she was a nany to him. He respect and loves her more than her own children.

He always treated Sarah like his sister. She never expected anything from anyone and hated to beg. But he always understood her and promoted to help her financially.

She saw him who was still sitting on his knees with head bent down in front of her.

She took a deep breath. "Okay, " she blunted blankly.

Angelo raised his head and found those gray orbs staring at him blankly. There is no pain, no anger, nothing but a simple blank stare.

He held her hands, "thank you, Sarah. I promise to help her and never misuse the situation, " he said happily with tears and mentally promised to take care of them both.

He left her hands, "I want Pink Rose and you to stay in my mansion."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Cox. We don't need your sympathy, " she snapped.

"No, I'm not in a position to show sympathy but wants to repent my mistake. She needs care and support. So if you both stay there, it can help her, " he said in a low tone.

"I'm not even working for you, Mr. Cox. So, don't worry about her and just try to cooperate with us, "

"Your position was still the same and now I'm promoting you to take care of my girlfriend personally. The salary will be five times of what you got previously, " he stated looking at her gray orbs.

Sarah gritted her teeth and going to snap.

"Ang was right. Rose need a special care and I support him, Sarah, " Evan said and blinked in assurance.

She nodded understanding Evan's meaning. Angelo felt happy and thanked her.

"Ang, now you should take care of yourself, so home go and take rest. You need good sleep and you can't stay in her room anymore. I hope you understand, " Evan stated.

Angelo nodded, "when are you discharging her?"

"I'll inform shortly, " Evan said and checked the time.

"My wife is waiting for me. So if you guys excuse me..." he trailed off picking up his things.

Everyone nodded and bid him bye.

Angelo offered a lift to Sarah but she declined and left. Angelo and Nancy left after Sarah got a cab.

Everyone has their own thoughts. One is scared, one is happy, one is guilty and wants to mend, one is curious, one is praying for the best to happen. But all are ready to welcome the most happening future.

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