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   Chapter 14 She Called Me ANGEL!

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Angelo's POV

"I mean, I was the one chasing you. You slipped and fall down from the stairs because of me, " I efficiently lied without a second thought.

Thank God, I have an answer to that. Evan told her that she got hurt while falling from the stairs. So, I framed it like that before itself.

She smiled and took my right palm in between her cold palm. I can feel an assurance in her touch and that breathing taking smile was making me drown in her honey orbs.

"It was not intentional, Angel, " she said looking into my eyes.

'Jesus Christ! Finally, she called me ANGEL.' Though I been pure opposite to her, I felt immense happiness and had unshed tears.

"But you faced hell because of me, Pink Rose, " I whispered in guilt.

"If you know beforehand that I may get hurt then I'm sure you wouldn't do it. So, please don't hurt yourself with that thought, Angel, " she said sparkling love from those honey orbs.

I'm surprised by her words. She immediately left my hand bending her head down. Her long eyelashes and pale lips are shivering.

I didn't understand her sudden change of behavior.

'Did she remember anything?'

I saw Evan and gulped hard looking at him. He raised an eyebrow and gestured me to look at her. I saw her blushing biting her lower lip and heaved a relieved sigh.

"What happened, Pink Rose?" I asked smirking.

"Sorry for calling you angel, " she said playing with her fingers.

I heard Nancy giggled. I just glanced at her who was adoring Pink Rose. I turned back to Pink Rose who was pouting looking at Nancy.

"Why you are laughing?" She asked glaring at Nancy.

Again Nancy giggled, "nothing dear. I just remembered something, "

"What is it?"

"Nothing I'll tell you later, "

She didn't bug much but she literally had tears in her eyes.

"Oh Rosy dear, please don't cry. Okay, I'll tell you but after that don't get embarrassed, " Nancy declared.

She nodded her head, "stop hiding things from me and please tell me everything. I felt bad for not remembering and you all..." she trailed off.

"Okay, hereby, I declare you all that stop hiding the past from Angel's Pink rose. What say?" Evan declared shooting a naughty glance at Pink Rose.

I glared at him but he was busy looking at her. I saw hiding her face in her palm. I chuckled and saw Sarah who was looking angry.

"What's that you remembered, Nancy?" Evan asked.

"I was cooking and Ang was eating in the kitchen itself. She came without observing Ang presence and blabbered that today she took bath. After observing Ang, it was really fun to watch, his teasing glances and her awkwardness, " Nancy completed her small tale.

All the while, she had frown with a blush. They all laughed mainly Evan teased her. I still remember her second day. That was really fun.

"I was not like that. I would daily bath, right Sarah?" She blinked her eyes to support her.

Sarah suppressed her laugh and nodded her head.

"See..." She told and showed finger towards Sarah.

"Well, how did you know that?" Evan asked with a smirk.

"I just... remembered, " she stammered without looking at him.

"Really, that's great. Let me check you then, " he said and started checking her wrist.

"And what all you remembered?"

"Umm... nothing much. Just only that one, "

"Oh really..." He said bending down keeping his hands on the bed.

She turned her face away and pressing her lips.

"Why the hell are you teasing my Pink Rose, Evan?" I asked standing up and realized the thing what I had said.

It felt nice to claim her as mine.

'Don't forget it was just acting, ' my brain threatened.

'Just shut up, ' my heart said.

She nodded her head

t's the latest iPhone, "

"Why shouldn't I take it?" Pink Rose asked curiously.

"This is so costly Rosy, " she glared at Pink Rose.

She nodded sadly and left the phone. I went to them, took the phone from Sarah and placed it back in Pink Rose hand.

"It's final." I declared with a glare.

Sarah glared back with more force. I just forgot everything and tried to be authoritative on her.

"Rose you are hungry right?" Evan said loudly gaining our attention.

I backed off without meeting Sarah's eyes. I don't have any rights to behave like that but I want to fulfill Pink Rose wish.

Pink Rose said yes and Evan asked Sarah to help her. She requested all of us to have dinner with her but Evan rejected as he promised his wife to have dinner with their family. Sarah and Nancy accompanied her. I told that I just ate and sat there quietly.

She became all silent and occasionally talking to them. I felt bad that she didn't even glance at me.

'Did she got scared?'

'That's obvious right?' My heart taunted.

I ignored and sat there glancing at her. After having food Sarah gave her tablets.

"Rosy, did you like the tablets?" Sarah asked carefully.

Pink Rose nodded negatively with a pout. "Then why aren't you nagging but silently having them?" Sarah asked wiping water on Pink Rose chin with a napkin.

"Evan told if I take the tablets, I'll remember you all. I want to remember everything, " she said like a kid.

There was a difference in her behavior. The Pink Rose I knew was always mature and share her opinions bravely and shy in front of new people. But now she was behaving childish and acting closely as if she knew us.

Sarah smiled with tears and kissed her forehead." For sure baby, "

They both are the best and has immense love towards each other. Though Pink Rose doesn't remember her the love remains the same.

Evan declared her to have sleep. She agreed and bid her good nights to every one of us.

I went to her and hugged her. I felt peace and I don't want to leave her. She hugged me back and I can feel her body was so weak.

"Use that phone. I'll talk to Sarah, " I whispered and left her.

She smiled brightly and said, " thank you and good night."

"Continue your romance tomorrow. Now sleep tight Rose, " Evan teased us pulling me with him.

"You're a bad brother, " she pouted with a blush.

"But I'm a good doctor, " he declared with a smirk and with that we left to his cabin.

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