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   Chapter 13 Mr. Pink Rose's Boyfriend!

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Angelo's POV

I'm looking at my reflection in the mirror. I looked presentable in this black pants and full hands v neck tee shirt. I ate the food just to gain energy.

My heart was beating fast and I'm hell scared to face this situation. I didn't know why this was happening.

I wish it would help her and not let her suffer more.

I took a deep breath and adjusted my hair again and again. I look like my old self after shaving. Usually, I maintain a little stubble but nowadays I stopped caring about myself.

Even after having a good amount of food, I still felt weak. It's been two hours since Evan left me...

"So ready?" Evan suddenly opened the door.

He was surprised to see me. He closed the door and came to me with a grin plastered on his face. I missed that grin and his friendship.

"It's great to see you like this, Mr. Angelo Cox, " he said patting my left shoulder.

I simply nodded with a half smile. I was really hell scared to face Pink Rose. He pats my shoulder with an

Assuring smile.

"I understand your feelings but now you should be strong to handle her. She was curious

And dying to see you, Ang. Please don't bubble up her little happiness."

I heaved a heavy sigh looking at my reflection. I don't have the guts to look into his eyes though he was being friendly like before. I simply nodded with a forced smile.

"So, tell me the fake love story, " he demanded.

I told him everything. He nodded and gave me a smile.

"Good, it was much better than I thought. Come, " with that he pulled me.

I saw Max side hugged Sarah while caressing her shoulder in assurance and mumbling

Something in her ear. She simply listened to him, folding her hands to her chest. Nancy sat on the sofa. They all saw us coming out of Evan's private room.

"Ready Ang?" Evan asked me rubbing his palms and looking at everyone.

I nodded rubbing the sweat on my palm to the pants. Max said something to Sarah to which

She gave a half smile. He left her and came to me and gave a fist bump as usual.

I missed him more than anyone else.

"Don't mess up this time, " he said looking into my eyes.

I wasn't able to meet his sapphire orbs, so I nodded with a half smile.

"Max, he will handle, don't worry, " Evan assured him.

"Okay, all the best guys for the mission Rose's boyfriend mission, " Max said to cheer us.

I just wanted to run away but I should help Pink Rose.

'Help?' My heart said in sarcasm.

I closed my eyes to control my emotions. I didn't know what's happening around me. Again I

Felt like my head was spinning.

"Ang, do you want to rest again?" Evan asked shaking my shoulder.

"No, I'm fine, " I said shaking my head to get a grip of myself.

'I can do it. I can do it.' I started chanting.

"Okay, Sarah cara, I'll leave. Call me if you need anything, " Max said going to her.

"Did you meet Pink Rose?" I asked him.

I wanted him to stay and support me but I didn't have the guts to ask him.

"Nope, I'll meet her later. Do your best. I swear to kill you if you misuse this situation, Angelo, " he said in cold, controlling yet dominant voice giving a chill to my spine.

Usually, we never use that tone to each other. I closed my eyes to control my emotions which

Were flooding. Moreover, until last year he never personally called my full name. He called me, Glo, cher ami(dear friend). But now he called me by my full name.

I miss him badly.

"Max, please. He was already nervous and weak, so don't increase it more, " Evan supported me patting Max's shoulder.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes with determination.

I heaved a long, heavy sigh. "I know what I did was an unforgivable sin in my life. But I

Assure you all that history will never repeat. I'll try my very best to make Pink Rose health normal. I'm ready to accept any type of punishment from her. So, you all relax and give me a chance to help her, " I said looking at everyone.

Evan and Nancy smiled understanding me but Max and Sarah gave a blank expression.


g more.

'From when did he started teasing you?' I wanted to ask that but I'd handle it later.

I thought to tease her.

I took my mobile and opened the camera in selfie mode. I could feel her gaze on me. I bent

Frontward and showed her her face. She looked in confusion.

"How is your face looking?" I asked with a smirk.

"Like same as I saw yesterday, " she said in confusion.

"Nope. There is a change, observe it clearly, " the smirk is not leaving my lips.

She inspected a little, taking it from me and kept in different angels. She forgot my question and started taking selfies in different angles and poses.

I wanted to laugh out loud but controlled myself. She was smiling brightly and I wanted that smile to live long.

"Rose, what are you doing?" Sarah chided narrowing her eyes.

Pink Rose came out of her selfie land. Sarah gestured to the phone. Pink Rose realized and stick her tongue out.

Pink Rose was obsessed with selfies and forget the world when she saw front camera mode. Many times she embarrassed herself because of this obsession. I heard it when Sarah told

Nancy showing their selfies.

"It's okay, Sarah, " I said looking at Pink Rose.

She gave my phone back and looking at it with longing.

I'll give you the phone before you sleep, Pink Rose.

"So what difference you found?" I asked with a smirk.

"Nothing, " she pouted.

I chuckled, "Your face is all pink. Didn't you observe that?"

She widened her eyes again and bit her lower lip.

"Nothing like that, " she mumbled without looking at me.

I chuckled remembering our first meeting.

"I saw you on a rainy day at a bus stop looking for a lift. I gave you the lift. You didn't get wet fully but you became all pink due to weather. When you said your name 'Pink Rose' stuck in my head." she nodded listening to me.

"So, you always call me Pink Rose?" She asked curiously.

'Even in my thoughts.'

I wanted to add but it felt too cheesy. I'm surprised by the answer, I thought.

'Am I too much involved in this boyfriend character?'

'Stop your ranting and focus, ' My heart warned.

I smiled and nodded my head.She pressed her lips with a smile.

"Can I ask one more thing?" she asked awkwardly.

"As I said earlier, I'm all yours. Just shoot without a second thought, "

She nodded her head and swat her locks with a slight tilt which were disturbing her eyes. I like the way she swats her hair.

"Why you been with me all time leaving your business?"

"Because today you're in this condition because of me, " I slipped my tongue.

I heard everyone gasp and I realized what I had said. The fear started raising in her honey orbs which I hated to see.

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