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   Chapter 12 It's All Because Of Me

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Angelo's POV

"What do you mean?"

"She was suffering from retrograde amnesia..." I cut him off.

"Stop using technical language, " I gritted.

I'm curious to know but I hate listening to the doctor's technical terms.

"She lost her memory completely, and it can be temporary or permanent. I can't assure that she may gain her memory back, "

I gasped understanding her situation. "Then... How?" I stammered.

"There are many cases of patients who regain their memory throughout their lifetime or may not. It depends on the state of mind of that particular patient.

"Her nerves were severely injured and I had expected something like this a long time ago. Thank God that she wouldn't have any problem to gain new memories and that her skills, character remained the same, " I stumbled realizing the situation.

This was all because of me. I crushed her. Now, what should I do? I saw Sarah who was sitting blankly playing with her fingers.

"Didn't she recognize Sarah?" I whispered.

"Already I told you right? She didn't recognize who she was and about Sarah..." He trailed off.

A lone tear escaped from the corner of my eyes. I ran my shivering right-hand fingers through my hair. I took long breaths to calm myself. Both the ladies sat calmly. Sarah was wiping her cheeks.

I always wanted to turn back time to that scary night and change my sin. But now it became worse and I wanted to kill myself by facing all the pain in the world.

Evan pressed my left shoulder. I looked into his blue orbs which were blank. I wanted someone to assure me that Pink Rose would be fine.

I collapsed to the floor with a thud and I didn't have any energy to face this situation.

"It's all because of me, " I whispered in a melancholy tone, rubbing my eyes.

I heard Evan's heavy sigh. "We can't turn back time, "

I heard Sarah weeping and Nancy's consoling words to her. I felt my body become numb and weak to even spare a glance at them.

I heard the door knock and a nurse called Evan. He excused himself, took a file and left the room.

I didn't dare to raise my head and sat still on my knees silently remembering Pink Rose's innocent face.

'I promised to fulfill all her wishes but what have I done?'

She dreamed to work in a big company, pursue her career further and to live a happy life with the man she loves.

'But now she doesn't even remember her name!'

How can I make her life normal? Will she even become normal?

Evan thought that I would be happy if she didn't remember that incident. But I desperately wanted her to punish me for making her life miserable.

I wanted her to open those honey orbs from her crazy sleep but I didn't want her to forget everything and suffer more. I deserved to be punished not her.

"Ang, " Evan shook me.

I came back to the world and saw him. He gestured me to sit on the chair. I didn't move an inch so he pulled me and made me sit on the chair. He gave me water but I was unable to move. I was numb in and out.

He made me drank the water. He said something which didn't reach my ears. My eyes became heavy and felt the world was spinning. I passed out and the last thing I heard was Evan's high pitch voice calling my name.


My head was busting and I felt too weak to move. I slowly opened my heavy eyes adjusting to the light. I observed my surroundings and found it was Evan's private room which was connected to his cabin.

I didn't remember anything after I drank water. I tried to move but I felt weak. I got up and went to the washroom. After wiping my face with the spare towel, I saw my Rolex watch which showed 4:37 P.M.

'Damn, I slept a lot.'

I came out of the private room to

Sarah who was looking at me blankly. "Is it okay Sarah?"

"I want her to be happy but I never imagined, it would be connected to you. She was asking me a lot of questions about you, your relationship with her and many things. We don't have any other choice but if you hurt her this time then I'll not spare a second to kill you with my bare hands, " she said splitting fire.

I simply nodded as I didn't have anything to say. I looked at Nancy who gave a blank smile but I could feel the support through her green orbs.

"What should I do?" I turned towards Evan.

"First cook a love story of you both. Just don't act in front of her but be natural. She is going to ask many questions like about your Casanova thing, how you being a billionaire loved a normal lady like her and some relationship stuff. I hope you can handle it. Moreover, stop feeling guilty after seeing her and focus on her health, "

I nodded understanding everything." How long?"

"Maybe a lifetime, "

I was shocked but his blue orbs held sincerity. "For now, let's face it. Later we will think of it, " he said patting my right shoulder.

I closed my eyes, running my right-hand finger through my hair. I felt the sweat forming in my palm. I'm scared to do this.

'At any cost, we should do this, ' my brain supported.


"Okay, ladies you can be with Rose as she is comfortable around you but doesn't talk unnecessarily." He turned towards me.

"I'll give you an hour time and will send you food. You are weak and it's going to be a long day for you after meeting her. So eat and get ready to face her as a lovely boyfriend, " he came to me and held my collar.

His eyes were spitting fire. "I'll kill you if you mess up or try to misbehave with her, "

I'm not shocked but felt bad. He knew me for many years. Why would I harm her?

'Then who harmed her?' My heart accused.

'True, '

I simply nodded and assured him with my eyes. He adjusted my collar and left me.

"I'll be back in an hour. I arranged spare clothes. So, please freshen up, you really look horrible. Don't make her tense about your health, " he warned me and left slamming the door.

I saw the ladies who simply left after glancing at me. I heaved a sigh and began to think of a story.

I knew her past life as Sarah always shared her moments with Nancy and Evan. So I could manage them if she asks something about her. But I'm not so sure about her fully. I hope Sarah helps me.

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