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   Chapter 11 She Is Out Of The Coma

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Updated: 2018-11-23 14:30

After One Year

Melody's POV

Sarah was waiting in Evan's cabin. She was crying thinking of how Rose behaved with her.

'Why Rose didn't recognize me? What happened to her? Why does Rose have to face this?'

Last night she left Rose sleeping. This morning, she saw Rose sitting, looking at nothing in particular with a confused face.

Her happiness had no boundaries. After a year she saw her friend, her baby awake from a coma, but all her happiness bobbled up. Rose became scared, looking at Sarah who was the only family to Rose. The nurse took the charge and requested Sarah to be in Evan's cabin as he instructed.

She heard the door open and stood, wiping her tears. Her gray orbs were looking at Evan with hope. He walked inside studying a file with a frown.

"Doc, please tell me what happened to my Rosy?" He heard Sarah's desperate voice.

He came in front of her and gave her an assuring hug. Evan became a good friend and a big support for Sarah during in her misery.

She was continuously asking the same thing, which was the reason for Rose's behavior. Evan cooed her. He left her when she became normal and made her sit on the sofa. He took out the file and sat right next to her.

"Okay Sarah, please listen to me patiently and try to understand the situation. Last night Rose came out of a coma but wasn't able to recognize herself. I expected retrograde amnesia, she lost her memory, forgot her past, her name, her family, her friends, in fact, everything about her.

"She is like a newborn baby but she can understand things. It may be temporary or permanent. I did some tests, but they didn't give me a positive result. So, I can't assure you that she may gain her memory back but her character, intelligence, and skills are the same."

He took a deep breath, "you and her boyfriend are apart of her past life. So now, you should handle her patiently with love, and try to help her to regain her memory. However, bringing up past stories will not help. You should be with her and help her as per my instructions. And trust me I'll try my best too, " he looked at her blank face.

"Sarah, you must be strong, " he squeezed her palm in assurance.

"She dreamt to spend a beautiful life by working in a good company and marry Elijah. But now, she doesn't even know herself and Jah... Just leave him, " she said without any emotion looking distant.

"Sarah, do you trust me as a friend?" He asked looking into her eyes.

"If you didn't support me, I would have killed Angelo on that day and be sitting behind bars. Without your support, I would die guilty. I trust you, Evan. If there is anything you want to suggest please tell me. I'm ready to do anything for my Rose, " her eyes became teary, and she held his hands.

He cupped her face and wiped her tears. He made her drink water and tried to relax her. "Sarah, please try to understand my point but don't think that I'm being favorable to Ang, " she nodded looking at him curiously.

"Sarah, we all know that Ang is not a bad person but that one disastrous night made everything upside down. Since then he has been living in guilt. He has been with Rose though everyone boycotts him from our lives.

"Many times you lost hope and didn't talk about Elijah who left her after six months and now has a happy life. But Ang never lost hope. He believed that one day she will wake up. I'm not saying that he is doing a favor but emending his sin. I think he deserves a chance, " he stopped looking at Sarah who was now angry.

"What are you trying to say, Evan?" She asked.

"I'm thinking Ang and Rose should be together, "

"And why only the great Angelo Cox who ruined her life?"

He turned to his left, folding his leg, sitting comfortably. "You have known him for many years and you know how lonely he is. He needs a person who can love him and not his status, looks or any other things. Rose dreamt to have a happy life, so why not both of them?"

"But he ruined her life, Evan, "

"We all knew that but not Rose,

p. I would sleep for only two to three hours a day. Evan tried to cure me but I couldn't find peace with Pink Rose looking like a corpse.

'I wanted her to wake up and punish me for my sin.'

I slowed down the car looking at the bus stop where I first saw Pink Rose. One year back, the same day, I saw that innocent angel. I still remember how beautiful she was in that white dress and her shrill voice...

I heard a knock on the door and saw John standing outside. I lowered the glass with a questioning look on my face.

"Is everything alright Mr. Cox?" He asked bending a little.

I turned my face towards the bus stop and shook my head. With a heavy sigh, I raised the glass and left for the hospital.

I thought to go home and freshen up but I want to see her first.


"Ang, wait. I want to talk to you, " Evan caught my right shoulder, stopping me.

"Yeah sure. First, I'll see Pink Rose, " I pulled myself out of his grip.

But he dragged me to his cabin without giving me a chance.

"Damn Evan, what's your problem?" I hissed in irritation.

I saw Sarah and Nancy waiting in his cabin. They didn't look at me and seem to be in their own world. I panicked looking at their expression.

"Is Pink Rose alright?" I caught Evan's left hand.

He was leaning onto the table with a serious look. I became scared. My body started to shiver and my heart beat rapidly.

"Absolutely fine. In fact, she is out of the coma, " he said with a small smile.

My body stiffened and for a second my heart stopped beating. I came out of shock and jumped on him whispering, "thank you".

He didn't hug me back and I didn't care. I'm happy as if the whole wealth in the world got transferred to my account.

'Hell, even that couldn't make me happy compared to Pink Rose.'

After one long year, she was back to the world. My happiness has no boundaries. Jesus Christ, I wanted to see her.

I left him and within two strides, I opened the door and going towards Pink Rose room.

"Ang, stop, " I heard Evan's order.

"Evan, I want to see her, " I said cheerfully, rubbing my palm in excitement.

I'm smiling like a fool and my heart was bursting with joy.

He chuckled bitterly. "Do you even remember why she went to a coma?"

Hearing his accusing tone my shoulders slumped and all my happiness bubbled up.

'He was right!'

I stood in front of him giving him a look to continue. His blue orbs were accusing but his lips played that constant smirk which confused me.

"You're a lucky brat, Ang, " he said nonchalantly.

I didn't understand. Why was he behaving like this? Nancy and Sarah sat calmly but I could feel the tension in the air.

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