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   Chapter 10 I Raped Pink Rose!

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 11686

Updated: 2018-11-15 12:00

Rose's POV

He caught my waist, raised me easily and throw me on the bed. I screamed in pain as my weight laid on my right elbow. I felt a jolt of pain in my right elbow.

He pulled me and spread my knees. I became scared and tried to close my legs but his grip was tight. My legs started paining but he suddenly pulled it hard. The pain worsens and I shouted for him to leave me.

"Shut your filthy mouth acting as if you don't want it, " he said, hovering over me.

He rips off of a packet and put on the protection. During this, I was trying hard to get out of his grip, screaming the hell out to leave me but he held on to me very tightly.

My heart was beating so fast and I wanted to run away from him. He pinned my hands and my right elbow was in so much pain. I'm scared that my bones may break. I'm screaming to leave me but he kissed me forcibly then entered in me.

My whole body felt numb and I stopped struggling. He started his assault by kissing and biting me. The pain brought me back to reality.

I started pushing him with all my might, he didn't even flinch and continued his assault. I felt disgusting and I wanted to die right at this moment. I cried and screamed for him to leave me but he continued his torture while I tried my best to push him.

I felt weaker minute by minute and his filthy touch was making me dirty. I'm crying and wiggling but there was no end to his torture.

I felt numb and I don't have any energy left in me. He raped me five times in different ways and now I'm lying like a corpse on the edge of the bed. I just wanted to die but I don't a single ounce energy left in me.

My tears were not stopping and I wanted to rip off his filthy touch on me. My eyes were giving up.

Sarah and Jah flashed in front of my eyelashes. With that, my eyes closed.


I felt someone kick me. I lost my balance and my head hit to something very hard. I screamed as I felt mighty pain on my forehead. I felt something wet and caressed my head with my left hand. My head felt heavy and my eyes were closing. I saw blood and panicked. My head was spinning and I called Angel to help me but I lost.

Angelo's POV

I felt a sharp pain in my head. I started caressing my head and my eyes were heavy to open. I softly rubbed my eyes and opened them. My head was throbbing and spinning. I groaned and sat up, leaning against the headboard. The lights are on and the curtains are opened.

'Damn, I think, last night I would have messed up.' I saw the clock which was dangling to the wall in front of me.

'Fu*k, it's already 9 A.M.'

I got off the bed and it was painful. Damn, I consumed so much alcohol that I even didn't remember when and how I landed on my bed.

I strolled to the washroom. Fu*k, I ruined everything. Thank God, Nancy was out or else she'll start her lecture. I did my business and ready for the shower. Today, I didn't want to swim and I badly needed a hot shower to relax my strained muscles.

How dare that bitch Ellen Mason to cheat me? She sold the code to my rivalry, Mike Dyson. She thought that it's easy to fool me.

When I doubted her, I started preparing another code and finally succeed to gain that German project. I ordered my team to get her at any cost while she tried to run away.

I felt relaxed after that long shower. I opened my spare wardrobe and took off all the new set of things as last night I crashed everything in this room.

I wore the gray Armani suit and set my honey-colored hair


She was peeking inside ICU and crying. She was shivering and ready to collapse on the floor. I went near to her and stood a foot away from her.

"Sarah, " I called her.

She turned back, "Mr. Cox, what happened to my Rosy?" She asked and it came out as a whisper.

She is shivering and crying vigorously. I just don't have any guts to spell the bean.

"Sarah Collins?" I heard Evan and we turned back.

He was walking to us and John was following him. Both are dead serious and not glancing at me.

"Hello, I'm Evan Myers." They both shook hands. "I treated Rose Davis. If you don't mind can we please talk in my cabin?" He said politely with a half smile.

"Yes sure, but first, I want to my Rosy doc, please, " she literally begged him.

He smiled, "you can see her for sure but first let me explain you her condition, "

She panicked and nodded as we followed him. John helped Sarah to walk as her panicked state was not allowing her to take a single step. We sat in front of Evan and he gave her water to make her relax.

"Look, Sarah, please don't panic. Rose got to hit her head and currently, she was in a coma..."

She gasped and started crying. John hugged her and cooing her.

"And I raped her, " I said not looking at her.

She gasped and I could feel her gaze on me. "What are you talking?"

I licked my dry lips, "I'm sorry Sarah. The last night, I drank too much and I was not in my senses. I thought Pink Rose was my employee Ellen who cheated us in the project. I thought to punish her but..." I don't have the guts to complete it.

"You moran, how dare you touch her?" She caught my collar.

Her gray orbs are red and her face was burning in anger.

"Don't you have other women? How could you even think to touch that innocent soul? I told her to stay away but that stubborn..." She cried, lowering her head.

"Why did you do this to her? She doesn't have anyone except me. I broke my promise to protect her and now what should I do?" She started hitting my chest.

I stood like a statue taking the things which I deserved.

Evan stopped her and made her calm. After a few minutes, she had calmed down.

"I want to see her doctor, please, " she requested.

They left me. I don't have the guts to face her anymore.

"I'll be with Sarah, " and with that John left me.

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