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   Chapter 9 Angelo's Scary Behavior

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Angelo's POV

"What happened Naty?" I heard San but ignored them and scurried toward the kitchen.

"Did you talk about that cake? I thought..." He asked when he saw us.

"She went to change cagna(bitch), " I started laughing when she used that word to him.

She gave me high five and Max glared at us. She learned Italian but San and I failed. Tears filled my eyes, and my stomach was hurting too.

"Hey bellissimo, Non ti ho visto prima? (hey beautiful, I haven't seen you before?)" I didn't understand the sentence but he said in his ever so flirtatious tone, looking at the entrance.

Pink Rose smiled nervously standing at the kitchen entrance along with Will and James, my butlers.

"Oh hell stop it. She can't understand that language, " I declared clenching my jaw.

"Preché il Tua attenzione è su Sarah, signor Perrodo (because your focus is on Sarah, Mr. Perrodo), " she said with a small smile.

I gawked at her. She knew Italian!

"Ehi, conoscevi l'italiano? Fantastico... (hey you knew Italian? That's great...)" they started talking something which I really don't understand.

He took her to the hall, ignoring all of us. I heard SanLie whisper something but I'm not interested in them. I scurried to the hall and found them sitting on the center sofa. She really talks perfect and it sounds sexy with her shrill voice. SanLie sat on the left side sofa and Nat too joined them.

"Will you all talk in English?" I roared to which Pink Rose shrieked.

Max started rubbing her left-hand knuckle which was in her lap as he whispered something softly.

"Smettila di spaventare... Oops, stop scaring her dude, " he said in soft tone glaring at me.

Pink Rose stood up clutching her handbag.

"May I leave, Mr. Cox?" She asked looking down towards my side.

I went and twirled her towards them, circling my right hand to her shoulder. She sniffed and lowered her head. She perfectly fit in my arms. Everyone looked at us curiously.

"Guys, Pink Rose is my friend, " I declared with a smile, looking at them.

She raised her head and her honey orbs locked with my hazel ones.

"Glo, friends?" Max kept a confused face.

"Can't I make friends other than you, " I teased them.

San nodded but Nat kept a don't-play-with-her look. Max came towards me. He pulled me and I left her giving a small smile.

"Cher ami, she is a sweet and innocent girl, " he whispered in my left ear.

"I meant every word, Max, " I whispered and blinked my eyes.

He patted my left shoulder nodding and went back to her. He sat on the armrest pulling her in front of him. He said something in Italian which irked me.

"Max, " I gritted my teeth.

"Traduci(translate), " he said tilting his head towards me.

"He said, 'if you trouble me then call him so that he will take care of the situation', " she said bobbing her head a little so that the hair on her face move away from her left eye.

I smiled and went in front of her. "If he troubles you then I'll bury him then and there, " I said shooting a murderous glare at him.

She pressed her lips, lowering her head. Max ignored me and pulled her hand. She stubbled and look at him.

"Hey bellissimo(beautiful), when will Sarah come?" He asked curiously.

"Monday, "

He nodded with a forced smile. Why he was acting weird?

"Hmm, can I ask something?" Pink Rose asked nervously, playing with her fingers.

"Friends simply state rather than take permission, bellissimo, " he said in his flirtatious tone.

'When did they become friends?'

'Well, it's not a rocket science. That's Max first step, ' my brain taunted.

"Why do you trouble Sarah?" She asked seriously.

"I like her. I'm asking for one chance but I think she doesn't understand me, "

She looked at him as if studying the truth on his face. Finally, he cleared my doubt. So, something is happening between Sarah and him but as I knew she was a tough lady and was not giving him a chance.

"Why do you like her?" She asked folding hands near to her chest.

Her forehead frowns and those honey orbs are depicting seriousness.

"You know I'm a Casanova but I want a life partner who is simple, lovely and should have the guts to backfire at me like Sarah, "

She closed her eyes for a nanosecond, bobbing her head to move her hair which was disturbing her left eye.

"You like her, good. But what about your one night stands?"

"She is not giving me chance, bellissimo, " he pouted giving his p

sed my eyes. The pain was immense and I cried while chanting ''leave me, ''.

"Don't you dare to spell her name with your filthy mouth, " he said. His tone was controlled one but I could feel the dangerousness in it.

I'm wiggling, trying to get out of his grip but his hold was as tight as iron chains. I didn't open my eyes and I could feel his breath on my face. I snapped open my eyes, understanding the situation.

"Angel, please don't do anything to me. I beg you please..." His hold became tight and it felt like my bones were breaking.

"Don't call me like that, " he roared and immediately placed his lips on mine.

I became shocked and stopped struggling. He held me very tightly and started chewing my lips harshly. He bit my lower lip which was painful.

I snapped back to the reality, and start pushing him, trying to move my body, but all my efforts were wasted as his lips started to assault mine.

I felt weak and dirty from his filthy touch. I'm trying to push him but his hold is becoming tighter every single second. He's not leaving my lips as he harshly kissed me.

He held me tightly with his left hand and tore my shirt. I gasped and he entered in my mouth leaving my hands. I started punching him but he was not leaving my lips. My lips and hands were hurting but still, I'm trying to push him.

He immediately tore my inner garments and now I'm half naked. He again pinned my hands and start eating my bosoms. I felt disgusted by his touch and wanted to punch him hard but tied up by his strength.

I'm chanting "leave me" while saying my name but he was not listening. I felt weak, dirty, and scared but still struggled which made it more painful.

I felt disgusting for being weak in front of him and not being able to save myself. His teeth were biting my skin. If he continued like this my skin may rip.

I started shouting for help hoping that Finn or someone would hear me. He suddenly stopped assaulting my bosoms and held my hands more tightly.

I winced in pain and crying to leave me. "Shut the hell up or else I'll kill you, " he roared on my lips.

I became scared and closed my eyes, wiggling and trying to push him as much as possible. But he again kissed me forcibly, rubbing his naked body on to mine.

I just want to stop him but it's really hard. I don't want him to rape me. He was not in his senses and I didn't want to be his prey. I wasn't able to do anything except than begging him but still, he continued his assault.

He suddenly left me, standing upright. Immediately, I got up but he pushed me and pulled my jeans. My body hit to the soft mattress hard and I again got up but he ripped my clothes off again, and I was now naked.

I'm trying to get out of the bed but with his every push my body was hurting and becoming weaker. He left me and took off his boxers. Immediately, I got up and ran towards the door.

"Do you think it's easy, bitch?" I heard him and immediately felt his presence.

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