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   Chapter 8 Dinner With Angel

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Angelo's POV

"Mr. Cox, Nancy called you, " David Scott, my P.A gave my phone.

I became confused and checked the time in my Rolex Submarine watch. It showed 3:40 P.M. Usually, she wouldn't call during my working hours. Immediately, I took the phone.

"Nancy, is everything alright?" I asked hurriedly tabbing the grey fountain pen on the table.

"Ang, Sony is not feeling well and wasn't able to handle the kids it seems. Can I visit her?" She requested. I clenched my jaw.

I told this woman numerous times there was no need to take my permission but... I closed my eyes, took a deep breath to control my anger.

"You don't need to take my permission, Nancy. And don't worry, within a few minutes John will take you to our private jet which will be waiting for you. I will arrange a doctor to take care of Sony." I signaled David to arrange the requirements. He nodded and went off.

"Thank you so much, Ang. That's so kind of you, " she said humbly

"Nancy stop irritating me with your humbleness. You know I treat you like my mother and Sony and James as my siblings, " I roared, fisting the pen in my iron grip

"I'm so sorry. I was anxious and..." She trailed off.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, mother. Today, I'm hell frustrated as I've not had a good sleep since a week, " I said in a soft tone.

"Kids has every rights to shout and show their frustration to mother, " she said in a calm tone.

"Okay! You get ready and fly to New York peacefully. Carry all your tablets and don't worry about me, "

She smiled, I can hear it. "Okay, my dear son. I will follow your orders, "

"Once you reached, call me, "

"Sure, take care of yourself. I will be back in a week."

"Till Sony recover, don't step in Cox mansion, " I ordered rudely.

She giggled and gave me a few instructions which irritated me, but I listened to her patiently then hung the phone. David arranged everything and I continued my work in a foul mood.


I felt exhausted and hungry. Nancy went before evening but still, she would take care of the food for sure. It was 10.30 P.M, but I didn't have the energy to go upstairs and come back. I went straight to the kitchen not checking the dining table. There I saw Pink Rose cleaning the kitchen slab.

"Pink Rose?"

She got startled, left the sponge and kept her left hand on her heart by taking deep breaths.

"Why are you still working? You should leave at 8'o clock right?" I asked putting the laptop bag on the side table.

"Nancy told Linda to be here until you have dinner, but she got a call and left, so..." she trailed of fidgeting her fingers.

I closed my eyes in frustration. "Okay, arrange the food on the table and leave, " I ordered.

"It's okay. I will go after you eat, "

"Don't irritate me, Pink Rose. Just leave, " I fisted hard to control my anger.

"Nancy told me, 'you don't like to eat alone'. I will not disturb you. Please, I will go after you're finished, " she requested with puppy eyes. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

'Dude, stop being rude. She is trying to help you, ' my heart said.

'Yeah, it will be hell to eat alone, '

"Sorry for being rude. I will be in ten minutes and yeah change that uniform. No arguments, " I declared, took the laptop bag and rushed to my room.

All the details of the project are there on the laptop, so I'm carrying it personally. I took a quick shower, wore grey sweatpants, a black tee shirt and came to downstairs.

Pink Rose is waiting at the dining table standing by doodling something on the table. She wore black jeans with a green color top. Today she braided her hair which made her look beautiful.

She smiled looking at me and pulled the chair. I sat on the chair. She gave me a napkin and I spread it on my lap. She served me pizza which looked delicious.

"Sit, " I ordered but she didn't move.

I raised my head and saw her surprised face while her long eyelashes are battling. I laid my left elbow on the table, putting my palm under my chin.

"See I'm hell irritated and I don't like to repeat, so will you please keep my company. And don't tell me I already ate and stuff, "

She immediately sat on the chair to my right and severed herself. I took a bite and damn th

d me.

I rolled my eyes. I knew Max wanted a girl like Sarah who was strong, efficient, lovely and cold-hearted towards him which he found attractive. She was a woman to love and get married to, not a one night stand.

Maxence Carrie Perrodo can get laid easily but he never tried Sarah.

"Mr. Cox, " John's voice made me came out of my own land.

He gestured to look outside. We were home. I smiled and got down, had a quick chat then scurried inside. I saw SanLie making out on my sofa. She sat on his lap and I don't want to see them anymore.

"Make out after a breakup, " I teased them.

They came back to the world and left each other with a peck but she still been in San's lap.

"Guys finished?" Max said from my back and hit my right shoulder.

"I hate you, cher ami(dear friend)!" He said glaring at me.

"Oh for God sake, stop calling me that, " I snapped at him.

SanLie started laughing. San took off Nat like a doll and placed her on the sofa and the love is flowing from her turquoise orbs. He stood and gave a brief hug to me but Nat pushed him and squeezed me in her hug. I pushed her taking a breath of relief.

"You know what, next month we both are going to the Maldives for one freaking week. I'm so excited..." She beamed but San cut her off.

"Let him freshen up, later eat his brain, " he side hugged her and gave a peck on her right cheek.

"Guy stop your PDA or else we will show ours, " Max said huskily eyeing at me.

I glared at him and going to punch him but San held me and told me to fresh up. I ran to my room and took a quick shower.

Santino Hearst, Maxence Carrie Perrodo and I have been friends since school days and we all are continuing our family business. I like Max parents as they treated me like their son. San's parents divorced when he was a kid. He was squeezed between their relationships and stuff.

Nat was my girlfriend but eventually, they got clicked. They always fought and broke up easily but within a day they are back to that lovey-dovey game. They all been with me through thick and thin.

I wore a black tee shirt and night pants. I ran back to the hall and Max already started to drink, filling the center table with all my favorite collection of drinks.

"Can't you wait for me?" I sat on the sofa. "Where are these lovebirds?" I asked gazing around to find them.

"San got a call and Nat went to the kitchen, "

Max and I were closer than San was to us. If I'm a girl he would marry me for sure that's what he always says.

'Jesus Christ, the thought itself made me throw up.'

"I like Rose, buddy. She is so sweet, " Nat said sitting on the armrest to my left.

"What? Who?" Max screamed and ran towards the kitchen.

I gritted my teeth hard and went after him. I can't even imagine Pink Rose is talking to him. I can feel Nat following me.

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