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   Chapter 7 Your Wishes Will Fulfill

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 11061

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Rose's POV

"No no, no, " I said and closed the door forcibly.

I heard his chuckle which made me blush more. I left the quilt and saw myself. I was all pink like Angel calls me.

'You should think about Jah but not your boss, ' my devil brain scolded.

'Okay, I should go to work. So first let me relieve my pain, later I will debate with you, ' I thought and started my business.

We had a romantic breakfast while he teased me a lot reminding last night events. He dropped me and once again reminded me to be careful with Mr. Cox.

I said to him yesterday I met Mr. Cox but he didn't give me a single glance. Jah felt happy and left to his work. I'm not cheating my boyfriend but he is worried about me. So, I don't want to trouble him or else...

"Rose, go and clean the swimming pool, " Linda ordered me.

I nodded my head and went to the swimming pool. Though it's not my work still, Linda loves to order me. Poor Sarah bears her a lot.

I saw Angelo drying his hair with the towel. He was just in his boxers. He looks like a model and the way his muscles are moving...

'You are a shameless woman, ' my devil brain scolded me.

He saw me and started walking towards me with a smirk playing on his lips. I felt embarrassed and lowered my head.

"Sorry, Mr. Cox, I didn't mean to disturb you..." I trailed. I could sense that he was close to me.

I stepped back. He moved closer to me with each step. I felt the wall and turned to my left but he blocked my way with his right hand. I turned to my right and found his left hand was already blocking me. I raised my head and look into his hazel orbs gazing at my lips. The water droplets of his honey-colored hair fell on my face. I became scared and gulped hard. He came close to my lips which made me cringe to the wall.

Angelo's POV

I hated project ending days as I couldn't drown in alcohol and sleep peacefully. I slept at 1 A.M and woke up at 4 A.M. Damn, I hated this life. Evan prescribed tablets which were not at all helping. Even that idiot gives suggestion to fall in love and get married. Hell, I'm twenty-five but people suggest that I should get married, and I didn't understand why.

'Okay, Ang. Calm down, you have two more days. Later you can get frustrated as much as you want, get drunk and sleep, but for now, relax, ' my mind suggested.

I took a long breath and saw the beautiful greenery in my garden. Granny loves flowers and she made the mansion like a children's garden.

'Damn, I miss her.'

I hated these mode swings. Last night Ellen Mason tried to be all cheesy, but I cut that crab by threatening her job who is working in my company. I have my doubts about her, so I made sure to be careful with the project. Suddenly, my phone rang.

Wow, Nats calling early in the morning? I think she broke up with San again. I chuckled and swiped to the left side on my One-plus 6 phone.

"Hey sexy, what a surprise? I thought you didn't remem..." I trailed off listening to her sniffs.

"I broke up with that baldy Santino Hearst, " she exclaimed sniffling.

I pressed my lips to control my laughter.

"You moron, I will kill you if you laugh, " she roared and coughed, clearing her throat.

I started laughing as its hard to control anymore. She threatened me while I took off the phone near

it's diamond.

'So, he already proposed her.'

"Actually, I want to continue but I don't have enough money. So, after getting a job in a good company, I will continue, " her voice is low with a forced smile.

I smirked, 'don't worry Pink Rose. Your wishes will fulfill, '

"Angel... I'm sorry, I mean Mr. Cox..."

I cut her off. "Call me as you wish, " It felt nice when she calls me like that with her shrill voice, though I'm pure opposite to it.

She gulped hard, lowering her head. "I'm not the girl you are thinking, " she said in a low tone.

I chuckled understanding it. "Well, I don't fu*k innocent girls like you. So, don't worry, "

She raised her head but still, I can see the fear in her honey orbs which I didn't like.

"Friends?" I extended my left hand. She blinked her eyes, licking her lower lip.

'Damn, stop doing that Pink Rose.' Again I laid my left hand back to the wall.

"I'm a Casanova, but I can be a good friend too, " I don't know the reason but I like this innocent girl which was a foreign feeling.

"No not that. Nancy told me, you are a good guy, " she paused. I raised my eyebrow.

'Jesus Christ! Pink Rose, you are too innocent.'


"I'm your maid, " she whispered, lowering her head.

"I think you will get a job in a good company..." she raised her head. "...and moreover, when Sarah is back, you will not work here, right? Then?" I said with a smirk.

Her smile widened while those honey orbs are battling furiously. Damn, she looks hot but I shouldn't think like that. I sincerely want to be friends with her.


She extended her left hand with a broad smile. We shook hands and I can see how happy she was.

"After graduating, meet me. I will interview you. If you are smart enough then you will work in Cox groups of business, "

She gasped, gawking with the wide-open mouth, I chuckled.

"No I don't want to misuse this friendship, " she said sincerely.

"Even I will not choose a wrong person to my company. So chill, "

She nodded, "I should continue working, " she said lowering her head.

I backed off giving her space. She smiled then walked away and started working. I smiled and rushed to my room.

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