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   Chapter 6 We Made Love

My Billionaire Angel By April Melody Characters: 11206

Updated: 2018-10-29 16:09

Rose's POV

"Babes, it's me, " Jah whispered in my ear, holding me tightly in his protective arms.

I took a breath of relief, holding his hands. He left me, took the keys from my hand, unlocked it and went inside.

"Oh, my God, Jah. You scared the hell out of me, " I said, going inside.

"Sorry babes, I thought I'd surprise you but..." He trailed off, placing the keys on the table.

I hugged him from backside mumbling "okay, "

"Missing Sarah?" He asked, caressing my hands.

Without my knowledge, I started crying. "Hey, babes..." He turned back and hugged me tightly whispered sweet words.

I hugged him tightly, listening to his heartbeat. He started swaying our body slowly. After a few minutes, I became quiet.

"I'm hungry, " I whispered.

He chuckled, his chiseled chest danced up and down. "I brought your favorite chicken wings, hot Spanish and artichoke dip, seafood pasta, chocolate caramel cake, "

"Oh, my God, you got all my favorite. Let me wash my hands, " I blabbered. I was ready to go to the washroom, but he pulled me and pecked my lips.

I gave three more pecks and went to the washroom. I changed into my nightwear and came outside and saw Jah sitting at the dining table and checking his phone. He arranged everything on the table. I went and sat on the chair, he smiled and we ate chatting with each other.

We washed the dishes and I was arranging them. He suddenly pulled me and smashed his lips on mine. I was surprised for a second but he pulled me closer by my waist. I wrapped my arms to his shoulders and reacted. He is sucking my lower lip and caressing my waist sensually. Suddenly his phone rang which made us break apart.

We saw the caller id, it's Rian, his friend. He excused by taking the call. I arranged the dishes and waiting for him.

'It's really hard to control myself in front of him. And for him?'

"Hey..." He wrapped his left hand to my stomach from the back and moved my hair to the right, brushing his fingers on my nape.

I softly gasped, holding his palm. He started sucking my nape. I moved his right hand to my bosoms. He reluctantly squeezed my right bosom. I moaned, he sucked my left ear.

"What are you doing?" He whispered huskily.

I'm breathing heavily, licking my dry lips. He nibbled my ear and squeezed my right bud. I moaned and held his palm tightly. He jerked me and hugged me by pulling as close as possible. He smashed his lips on mine and started sucking my lips hungrily. I tried to match his pace, playing with his blue hair.

My butterflies started flying to all the corners in my stomach giving me pleasurable feelings. I pulled his right hand and again placed it on my bosom. He bites my lower lip and squeezed it tightly. I moaned in the kiss. He started moving his left hand down to my hips and squeezed them. He suddenly left me, raising his hands in the air, shaking his head not looking at me.

I smiled looking at his cute face which became red. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smashed my lips on to his, but he pushed me reluctantly.

"Sarah is not there to stop us, " he declared looking at me intently.

"I know, "

"You mean, "

I blinked my eyes, biting my lower lip. His emerald orbs became darker. "But you want us to make love on our wedding night?"

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I hugged him tigh

me, I started pushing him. He left my lips and started saying sweet words but they're not helping me.

"Jah, please come outside. It's hurting me a lot." I whimpered in pain.

"I know babes but it will be more painful if I come out and enter again. So, just relax and wait. I promise you will love it, " he said pecking my lips.

If not now, again I should bear this pain. So, I kept calm and try to relax. He helped me to relax by saying sweet words and kissing me. Finally, after half an hour or so, the pain decreased but not fully.

I told him to continue. At starting my pain boundaries crossed its limits but slowly it felt nice. He increased the pace and I moaned his name feeling the pleasure.


Someone shook me, so I woke up. I opened my eyes and saw Jah smiling face. "Good morning, babes, " last night events flashes in front of my eyes. I felt shy and hid my face in the pillow. He chuckled and pulled me up. I hugged him tightly holding the quilt.

"You know last night my ears were blasted by your shrill voice. I'm thinking to visit ENT specialist, " he said wickedly.

I smacked his shoulder and held the quilt closer to my chest and getting down off the bed but he side hugged me. I didn't see his face but trying to push.

"Now you are not feeling shy?" He whispered huskily in my right ear.

Again I felt shy and started pushing him. He chuckled and whispered, "I made you breakfast. So get ready fast, I will drop you, "

I nodded my head without looking at him and got up but I felt pain in between my thighs. He raised me in bridal style and walking towards washroom, I caught his shoulder looking at his handsome morning face while his emerald orbs are adoring me. He placed me on the ground.

"Hot water is ready, relax in the tub. Your pain will decrease, "

"You will always take care of me like this?" I asked holding his hands.

"Until my last breath, " he said pecking my forehead.

"I love you, Jah, "

"I love you too Rosy, but hate your shrill voice, " he said and ran outside, closing the door.

I groaned and shouted, "I hate you, "

He opened the door, "you know how I love bathroom romance. Should I join with you?" He asked with a smirk playing on his lips.

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