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   Chapter 5 I'm Embarrassed

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Melody's POV

She laughed and nodded her head in disappointment. "A mother has the rights to look at her kids, "

"You know how to shut me up, " he came to the edge of the swimming pool.

She laughed adoring him. "What do you want to eat for breakfast, honey?"

"I'm damn hungry. Please make something yummy, mother, " he then came out of the swimming pool.

She smiled and gave a towel to him. "I will be back in half an hour and I need breakfast on time or else I will fire you, " he said with a naughty smirk.

She giggled, "I've been hearing the same thing since you were five, "

He pinched her cheeks, "I can buy anything in the world but not your love, Nancy, " he said with unshed tears.

He was a Casanova, a devil, and a successful businessman to the world but only Nancy knew how alone he was. He loves to play the devil role to the world, but still the same alone kid who craves for love.

She caressed his left cheek with her right hand which soothed him. "You will surely get a good wife, " she said with love.

"Jesus Christ! Not again, Nancy, " he removed her hand.

She laughed, looking at his annoyed face then went to the kitchen to cook his favorite breakfast, bacon and egg sandwich. He smirked and rushed to his room to have a hot shower though he swam for half an hour.


Rose was not a morning person. Sarah would always have to shout on top of her voice to wake her up. After lots of pestering, she would wake up in the last few minutes and scramble like a rabbit, not even taking bath most of the times. Today, however, she woke up at 6 A.M sharp as she doesn't want to be late like her first day. She talked with Elijah doing her work and within forty-five minutes, she is on her way towards Cox mansion.

'I came early, 7:30 A.M sharp. I'm in the mansion's secret garden, ' she thought happily.

'You know why your angel heart always says, 'I have some problem and I don't work properly'?' Her devil brain questioned.

She was in her debating land while walking toward the kitchen.

'Because you don't have brains then how can I work properly, ' her devil brain stressed 'you'.

'Oh, really then how she was excelling in her studies?' Her angel heart supported.

'When she was lost like this, then being the important organ of her whole body, I take charge and make her use it, ' her devil brain said proudly.

'Both of you shut up, ' she declared and rushed to the kitchen without seeing that Angelo was sitting on the side table having his breakfast.

"Good morning, Nancy..." She circled her arms around Nancy's neck who was preparing egg sandwiches.

Angelo raised his head listening to the shrill voice who is eating hungrily without a care. He smirked looking at the beautiful Rose who wore dark blue faded jeans with pink floral cadet sweatshirt and her dark chocolate hair waved on her shoulders. She didn't have any make-up, looking as fresh as the pink rose. Without giving a chance to Nancy she continued.

"... you know yesterday, I felt really bad for coming late. So today, I came early and even bathed too, " Rose said in a go but heard a cough.

Angelo listened to her curiously and was surprised by what she said. Nancy gasped while he coughed and going to have a sip but the glass was empty. Rose became surprised and turned to her left to found Angelo smirking at her, standing with the empty glass. She gawked at him with her mouth wide open. Nancy pressed her lips controlling her laugh, looking at Rose face.

"Nancy, juice, " he commanded while looking at Rose with a smirk.

"Rosy dear, fill the glass, " Nancy said shaking Rose.

Rose felt embarrassed but composed, licking her dry

lips. She took the juice bottle, went to him and filled the glass. All the while, she was shivering feeling his strong gaze. Angelo was doodling on the glass while looking at Rose with a naughty smirk playing on his lips.

Rose composed herself, "good morning, Mr. Cox, " it came out as a whisper.

He smirked, "good morning, Pink Rose, "

She gave an awkward smile and came back to Nancy. "I will change and come, " she whispered in Nancy's ear and ran away.

Nancy turned back to see her but she disappeared soon. Nancy giggled and saw Angelo who chuckled looking at retarded Rose. She nodded her head in disappointment and continued her cooking

"Such an innocent girl, she is, " Angelo thought and continued eating.

Rose felt embarrassed to talk rubbish in front of her boss. She closed the door of the changing room.

'Hence proved you can't use me properly, ' her devil brain ranted.

'Please not now. I just don't want to face him, ' she grunted slowly.

After putting on the uniform, she sat there for few minutes debating. Finally, she composed herself and slowly went to the kitchen to find it empty. She peeked out of the kitchen but didn't find Nancy nor Angelo. She heaved a relieved sigh and continued her work.

Angelo got ready. While smiling remembering Rose words, actions, her innocent face and mainly her sexy figure. He was dressed in a black Armani suit, gelled his hair perfectly, his wrist is adoring with that big Rolex Submarine blue color watch. He is all ready to set the fire to the women kind with his killer smirk. He came downstairs holding his laptop bag. He got the urge to see her again, so he came to the kitchen and found her cleaning the kitchen slab.

"Fu*k, she even looks hot while working, " he thought and check his watch which showed 7:53.

With a smirk, he went outside where John was waiting for his presence. He was whistling happily and sat in the car which shocked John but composed and drove to the destination.

Nancy went to her room to take her tablets and came back to the kitchen to find Rose cleaning. She giggled remembering Rose's face a while ago. Rose turned back and saw Nancy giggling.

"Nancy, I'm already embarrassed, and now you too..." She trailed off with a pout.

Nancy laughed loudly, coming to Rose. She hugged Rose still laughing while Rose hid her face in the croak of Nancy's neck.

"What happened?" Linda asked coming towards them who just came and changed into uniform.

"Nothing, " Nancy said giving a gentle squeeze to Rose's left hand.

Rose didn't spill a bean and continued her work silently. The day ended working and roaming in the mansion for Rose with Linda's rude behavior and Nancy's support. Angelo got busy in work forgetting the world.

Rose's POV

I'm having a great time in the mansion's secret garden with Nancy and was enjoying the atmosphere of the mansion. The garden was huge with different types of flowers which I even didn't know the names. This morning, my stupid act made me embarrassed like never before. It was God's grace that I didn't face angel or else, uff, I don't want to imagine.

But Linda is really evil. Her father worked for Cox family but died a few years ago. Her mother left them at childhood, so Mrs. Lisy Cox, a very kind woman gave her job, but she feels proud that not even Angel will kick her out. She is a blonde, lean, 5'6 height, a perfect structure with green eyes which I crave to have.

'Can you stop feeling jealous of everyone?' My devil brain said.

'Admiring a person is not wrong, ' my angel heart supported me.

I'm unlocking my house door, and suddenly someone hugged me from behind which made me shriek.

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