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   Chapter 4 Who can restrict Angelo Cox

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Angelo's POV

I turned my head and found a hot fu*king blonde. I gave my famous smirk.

"Liya Williams, " she extended her right hand with a seductive look.

I remembered Pink Rose and our left handshake. I ignored the thoughts and gave a handshake, and said "Angelo."

"Can I buy you a drink?" She whispered huskily in my ear, running her fingers on my left cheek.

"I have a better idea, " I flirted still showing my famous smirk.

"And what was that?" She said. A smirk played on her lips.

I pulled her and whispered in her left ear. "Let's go to my place and you know..." I trailed off and licked her earlobe.

Damn! Her fragrance was arousing my desires. She giggled and grabbed my shoulders tightly. I left her, she gave a wet kiss on my right cheek. I smirked and pulled her with me. We were in my car and John was heading to my mansion.

She looked hot in that black sparkling mini skirt with a deep v cut on her neck. She doesn't have a big chest like Pink Rose but she is hot and sexy. Liya lips were thin while her eyes were big, a perfect thin blonde. She is not talking much and even little tipsy but looked at me with hungry eyes.

'Who can restrict Angelo Cox, ' I mentally smirked.

She took my right hand and placed it on her bare thighs. I smirked and started massage them. Her expressions are awakening my inner demon. I ordered John to go fast.

"I had a wish, " she whispered in my ear.

"Do you only whisper?"

She started laughing loudly. She looked damn hot.

"You look hot while smiling Liya, " I winked.

She stopped smiling. "Don't tell you are that kinky guy who wants to love and get married to me, "

Finally, I heard her real voice which is sexy but a little tipsy. "You are a hot chick, so don't use those sinful words like 'love and marriage', " I air quote the words.

She again laughed and gave me a high five. "So, what's your wish sexy?"

She came closer to me and started caressing my left cheeks seductively with her bony fingers.

"Fu*k me in the car, " she whispered huskily.

I smirked and pinched her waist. She softly gasped and I'm going to capture her lips but suddenly the car stopped. We are in my mansion, John left, asking if I want anything. Immediately, I dismissed him saying 'good night and have a meal'.

"Wow rich brat and caring boss too, " she said running her fingers on my neck.

I laughed, "well, not for all, " I smashed my lips on hers.

She started responding, pulling me closer to her, playing with my hair and moaning sexily. Fu*k, I just love that, but I wanted to hear pink rose moaning my name with her shrill voice.

'Why the hell are you thinking about an innocent girl, but not the good fu*k in front of you, ' my brain taunted me.

"Your not in this world, " Liya said gasping.

"Sorry, thinking about work, " I said caressing her waist.

"Let me help you to enjoy, " she started taking off my suit.

I helped her and soon I was naked. She gasped looking at my junior. I smirked and pulled her dress. She helped me and finally, she's naked.

"Damn! You are hotter than I expected, " I said holding her right bosom.


"Oh wait, " I said and took the box from the backside.

She giggled and picked an orange flavor. I'm going to tear it off but she held my hand and shook her head, I became confused. She trailed kisses towards on my body and finally took my junior in my mouth.

'Fu*k, that was amazing.'

She is doing a perfect job which aroused me. Finally, I released and she drank it giving me sexy glances. I pulled her in my lap, took her right bosom in my mouth and inserted three fingers in her without intimating her. She screamed, pulling my hair but she is not tight. She is moaning and enjoying every second as I increased the speed. She released and whispered me to enter in her.

Immediately, I wore the protection, she entered and riding by holding my shoulders. She is doing a good job but there is no tightness which I liked. We tried different positions and until we were fully satisfied with each other. She was lying on my shoulder while I was caressing her thighs.

"Hey can you drop me back?" she asked, not raising her head.


"My car, "

"It's here, my man brought it, "

"Fully prepared and brought me, huh?"

"What to do when you are so into me and forgot everything, " I said arrogantly.

She sat straight with a smirk. "So arrogant, "

I la

ughed but didn't reply. "I didn't say my real name Mr. Angelo Cox, " she said with a smirk.

"Even I knew it Mrs. Belle Robert Miller, " I said with a smirk.

She laughed and searched something in her clutch and gave me her card. "Call me if you want to fu*k, "

"I have your husband number too, " I smirked.

"So are you going to threaten me?"

"Well I got a good fu*k and I don't repeat them, "

"My bad luck, " she said and got back in her dress.

"Let's have dinner, "

"My husband is waiting for the same thing, "

"My bad luck, " I said, pinching her waist.

She moaned and laughed, "feeling alone in life?"

"Yes, " I usually don't open up but did with this woman.

"Get married then, "

"I don't want to, " I said caressing her left shoulder.

"I understand but you can try, " she kissed my lips, bid bye and left.

I got dressed then went inside. The food was arranged on the dining table but I don't have an appetite. I straight away went to my washroom, had a long shower, wore my boxers and laid on the bed. Pink Rose is still flashing in front of my eyes.

'She is meant for love and marriage, ' my brain stated.

'And I'm far away to them, ' I thought.

'But fantasizing is not wrong, I think, ' my heart suggested.

I smirked and took the pillow. I imagined the pillow as Pink Rose and started kissing.

'One fine day, you may kiss your bride like this, ' my heart said with puppy eyes.

Immediately, I threw the pillow with a scowl and closed my eyes to welcome a new day.


Melody's (Third person) POV

Angelo started twisting and turning at 3:30 A.M. Finally, he gave up and heaved a heavy sigh looking at the clock dangling to the wall in front of him.

He groaned in frustration. "Why I didn't drink more alcohol?" He whisper-yelled.

He closed his eyes to control his frustration. He opened his eyes, went to the washroom, did his morning chores except for having a bath. After he freshened up, he lazily strolled towards his study room. He opened the laptop and started checking emails and project work. He was fully engrossed, and when he was finished he looked at the clock which showed 5:32 A.M.

He smirked and thought, "finally, the sun is going to rise, "

He closed the laptop and strolled towards the gym which was on the second floor of the mansion. After an hour of workout, he went to the swimming pool which was on the ground floor. The maids who were working on their routine job- cleaning and stuff-, wished him. He started to enjoy his dive.

Nancy woke up at 6.30 A.M and got ready for her daily routine. She checked Angelo room to find it was empty.

"He didn't have a good sleep!" She heaved a sigh.

She greeted everyone as if she was their own mother. She was a maid but everyone treated her like a mother to the Cox mansion. Since Mrs. Lisy Cox had died, Nancy was the one who took care of this mansion and Angelo. All these twenty-five years, Nancy stayed in her limit, and never tried to take control of the satiation she received. She simply followed Angelo orders whether it was to have food with him or to stay in the mansion and not in the worker's cottage like other maids.

She knew him in and out because after his parents had deceased in a disastrous accident, she took care of him as if she was his own mother. Since childhood, he was all alone and sleep deprived. When he hit the puberty he started to drink alcohol which helped him to sleep. However, his grandmother gave him boundaries. He even got laid without letting his grandmother know.

After Mrs. Lisy Cox had deceased, no one stopped Angelo and he continued to consume alcohol more and have women whenever he wanted. Nancy had always wanted him to stop all these activities and get married. Angelo respected Nancy like his own mother, so he simply listened to her but shrugs it off.

"Nor did he ate his dinner, " she checked all the dishes which she arranged last night.

Angelo hated to have his food alone. So, Nancy made sure that he had dinner but he always ordered her to sleep as he would be late and doesn't want to trouble her. He never treated her like a nanny or maid but like his own mother. With a heavy heart, she went towards the swimming pool. She saw him with a peaceful smile on his face and her lips formed a wide smile, looking at him.

"Nancy, don't rape me with your eyes, " Angelo wickedly smiled. He had seen Nancy staring at him.

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