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   Chapter 3 Did Angel Call Me Pink Rose

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Rose's POV

I turned towards the source and found Nancy. I rushed to her and hugged tightly.

"Finally, I met you, Nancy. You know, I always want to meet you, whenever I talked to you in the video call but we never got a chance. Finally..." she cut off my excitement.

"Mr. Cox is not at home. So, you first start the work and later I will listen to you peacefully and please silently follow me, " she pulled me with her to the back side of this mansion.

She took me to the worker's cottage, gave me a pink uniform and said me to come fast. Immediately, I did as she said. The uniform is perfectly fit to my size. I rushed outside of the room while Nancy is anxiously roaming here and there.

"Mr. Cox is back. You clean the kitchen while I will be with him, okay?" She was in a hurry. We are rushing toward the kitchen.

"Mr. Cox will scold you?" I whispered sadly.

She halted and gave a sweet smile. I just want to hug her as she looks like a fluffy teddy bear. "No dear. Don't worry about anything, " she said and ran away.

I knew the way, so rushed towards the kitchen. Now I don't need to beg Sarah to show me the place but I can directly tour after my work. This mansion is my dream home and one fine day, I will buy a beautiful one like this.

"So you are Rose Davis?" I heard Linda's rude voice.

"Hi Linda, how are you? I'm so sorry I was late bec..." she cut me off, showing her right hand.

"You are a junior, so call me ma'am, " she said with full-on attitude, folding hands near to her chest.

I knew about her evil behavior, so did what all she said without a word. She started mumbling that 'I came late and Mr. Cox will scold me and stuff'. I kept silent and cleaned.

"Rose dear, Mr. Cox is calling you, come, " Nancy said standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

"Today is not only your first but last day too in this Cox mansion, " Linda commented rudely.

My eyes are ready to open the tear fountain. "Linda dear, you have work to do, right? Please focus on that, " Nancy said in a soft threatening tone.

Nancy pulled me with her. After coming outside of the kitchen, she wiped my tears. "Trust me, Mr. Cox will not scold you, " she said sweetly.

I nodded and followed her. I was hell scared and didn't even raise my head. We came in front of the dining table but Nancy sat on the chair and even have a plate of food in front of her which surprised me. I heard Angel's voice who gave me the ride to this mansion. I raised my head and was surprised to see him. He was looking different from earlier, but the same as Sarah showed me in the pictures. I couldn't able to recognize him before in his normal attire who looks really different from his business attire.

I got scared, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Cox. Please take this as the last time and give me a single chance. I promise to be on time and work hard, " I blabbered but he sat silently, sipping his juice, looking at me. He didn't say a word which scared me.

'Linda is right, ' my devil brain said.

I'm playing with my fingers anxiously and licked my dry lips. He finished drinking, wiped his mouth with the napkin and stood up with a smirk playing on his lips.

"You said I'm Angel but getting scared of me. Chill Pink Rose and I hope you enjoying working here. Au revoir, " he waved and went off.

I looked at him with my mouth wide open. Nancy giggles made me came back to the real world. I gave a sheepish smile biting my lower lip.

"Now I'm ready to listen to you the whole day, " she said, getting up. I felt happy and hugged her.

'He is really an Angel but why people talk bad about him?'


I came back to the house at 6:30 P.M. I texted Jah and told him that I was home. Immediately, my phone rang.

"Hey babes, how was your day?" He sounds low but tried to be eager.

I know he worked hard having three different jobs, but he always made time to talk to me. I told him everything but lied that I didn't meet Mr. Cox. Actually, Jah doesn't like me to work there but it's my wish to work there. So after lots of pestering, he accepted me but gave me a list of rules telling me to be careful with Mr. Cox.

"Okay, I will talk to you tomorrow. Eat something before you sleep, " he

said then cut the call before I replied.

I didn't feel bad as he always cuts the call when he was at the workplace. I texted him good night with a kissing emoji. He sent me a heart, I smiled and kissed my phone. The home seems so silent which was unusual. I missed Sarah and I wanted to sleep in her lap.

'Poor Sarah, let her be with her family too, ' my devil brain said.

'Yes, but I miss her. It's been two days, and still I should live five more days, ' I thought.

'Rosy darling, please don't cry, ' my angel heart said.

I sniffed and wiped my tears. I smiled looking at the picture where Sarah and I hugged each other like sisters. I stood in front of the picture caressing it. I kissed the picture but I smelt like fish, so I rushed to the washroom to have a long, peaceful bath. I filled the bathtub with hot water and laid in it.

Today was the one of the best day in my life except for Linda's rude behavior. I did a little bit of cleaning and stuff. Nancy fed me wonderful food like a mother. She was a true angel who was able to love anyone in the world. I talked a lot while she patiently listened to me, not like Linda who got annoyed and left us.

Later, I toured this secret garden mansion which was an epic piece of work. The simple designs, elegant showpieces, portraits, family photos, and whatnot. I will surely buy an epic piece of a mansion like that. I took many pictures and selfies but Linda scolded me. I asked Nancy for permission but still, the evil Linda wouldn't allow me. Later Nancy took me to upstairs ignoring Linda.

Nancy told me about Angel. She was appointed as a nanny for him when he born. Mr. Dimitri Cox and Mrs. Crystal Cox are a kind and humble couple but died in a car accident when he was three years old. Since then, Mrs. Lisa Cox, Angelo's grandmother took care of him. Single-handedly, she took care of the Cox group till Angel graduated. She made him CEO and died a year after. Since then he was alone and became a Cassanova, but he never played with any girl's life unnecessarily, it seems.

After having a long hot bath, I got dressed in my nightwear then dried my hair, while seated in front of the mirror.

I really liked his character because in novels Casanova meant that they play with girls life but Angel is not like that. He only got laid but nothing much. He got his father's hazel eyes and mother's honey-colored hair. He looked handsome like his father and even had his mother features.

'Jah is as handsome than him, and stop call him Angel, ' my devil brain taunted.

'She didn't say anything like that but simply adored a human being. Let her be herself. Stop commanding her, ' my angel heart supported me.

'I'm hungry, let's debate later, ' I declared and went to the fridge.

Sarah knew me very well. She filled all the food items I liked, as being a lazy person, I would skip meals. I thought to eat cheesecake but I wanted to eat more, so I made instant noodles. I sat on the bed and enjoyed the food. Suddenly, I remembered something.

'Did Angel call me pink rose?' I started to feel the heat on my cheeks.

'He is your boss, ' my devil brain stated.

'But still, he used an endearment phrase, ' my angel heart supported me.

'So? There is no need to blush for a small reason, ' my devil brain declared.

'Just ignore her, Rosy darling, ' my angel heart suggested.

Angelo's POV

"Damn you Maxence Carrie Perrodo, where the hell are you?" I roared in the phone.

"Sorry, cher ami(dear friend), I got a hot African chick. So, we are heading to her place. Tomorrow we will meet. Au revoir, " he hung up the phone, but before that, I heard him telling something to the girl in French.

I just hate that language and his accent because the girls go gaga over him. I tried to learn French and Italian but literally failed as I couldn't focus on the language. I got to understand that I'm not a language lover, so ended up leaning few words.

I'm going to be free after three days, as the German project will be completed. These days are hectic but still, I came to the pub for him because of his request. And he...

"Hey handsome, " a husky voice whispered in my right ear made me come out of my own land.

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