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   Chapter 2 Angel Is My Boss

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Rose's POV

We walked on the corridor towards my room. Jah was not at all leaving my hand which was making the butterflies do somersaults in my stomach. My stomach was already full with delicious food and now these butterflies...

'Poor Jah, he feeds you delicious food, but you are craving to fill butterflies? Always trying to fill non-veg to your stomach, ' my devil brain said in full on drama mode.

'Shut up, you are such a non-romantic. Stop diverting my Rosy darling, ' my angel heart supported me.

"Open the door, " Jah shakes me.

I came out of my debating land with a sheepish smile. He chuckled, I opened the door and we went inside. All the while, his emerald orbs are following my every move and that dazzling smile is making me weak to my knees. My cheeks are getting hotter every single second.

"So, a date without a kiss?" He whispered huskily.

My breath got hitched by the intensity of his voice. I started to breathe heavily and I'm ready to collapse on the floor. I leaned on to the wall and he immediately pinned me to the wall. I gasped, looking at those emerald orbs which are staring at my lips intently.

He slowly came closer to my lips with a smirk playing on his lips. His breath is fanning my skin and I'm ready to taste his lips. He smashed his lips on mine and pulled my hands to his nape. Immediately, I held his blue hair in between my fingers. He circled his hands to my waist and pulled me closer. He started sucking my lower lips while my soft body is brushing to his hard one.

I'm sucking his upper lips which tasted like strawberry. The sweet feeling made me crazy as he pushed me to the wall not leaving my lips. We are hungrily sucking each other's lips when he suddenly placed his right hand on my left bosom. I gasped, he took the chance to explore my mouth by pressing my bosom. I started moaning in the kiss while he is sucking my lower lip hungrily.

I'm playing with his hair and pulled him closer to me. He moved his left hand to my hips and gave a gentle squeeze. I gasped and moaned loudly. He moved his lips to my neck giving me wet kisses. He squeezed my bud and hips at a time. I screamed in pleasure and pulled his hair. He groaned and moved his lips down to my cleavage. I'm feeling heaven and my knees are giving up but he held me tightly. I'm moaning his name while he nibbled on my cleavage where I have a mole.

"Jah, " I moaned, pulling his hair.

He pulled my dress down and started sucking my cleavage. I lost my senses and my knees lost the capability to stand. I was falling down but he held my waist.

"Babes, we should stop or else we may make love before our marriage, itself, " he said, looking into my eyes.

I smiled, kissed his right cheek. "You are the best boyfriend and I love you till eternity, " I whispered.

It's my wish to make first time love on our wedding night and he respects my feelings. He always loses control but showers his love to me like this.

"Well, I love you too but your shrill voice really irritates me, " he said with a smirk.

I narrowed my eyes and taking my hands off of him but he pulled me again, my body brushed to his.

"Don't test my patience babes. Tonight is one of the best night in my life..." I felt so happy, " we had a peaceful date plus make out session without that devil Sarah Collins, " he said with a wink.

"Not a word against Sarah, Mr. Elijah Tuner, " I said with a glare.

He laughed, nuzzled my left cheek. I started pushing him but got lost in his sensual touch. He heaved a long sigh then left me.

"Okay, I should go or else it will be difficult, " I blushed, biting my lower lip.

"Stop blushing, it is making me crazy. Freshen up and sleep early as tomorrow you are going to start new work. And yeah, be careful with Mr. Cox, you know about him right?" He said, pointing his finger.

I laughed, looking at his cute face and those emerald orbs are making me crazy. "I will take care of everything Mr. Tuner. I'm not a kid you know."

"But you are innocent."

"I'm not, " I winced like a kid with a pout.

He chuckled, "stop pouting, " whispered huskily with an intent gaze.

I should stop him or else it will be difficult for him to leave. I mumbled "bye bye, " pushed him towards the door. He walked away while looking at me.

Finally, I pushed him outside and gestured him to go. He smirked, gave a flying kiss then went off. I blushed hard, remembering the make-out session. I locked the door and my phone buzzed with a message.

"Tomorrow, you are going for work but not for college. If you woke up late and go to work then I will not be there to help you. So, keep alarm and sleep tight, " he sent with a kissing emoji.

I smile

d and sent "okay" with red hearts in between kissing emoji.

I still remember how his emerald orbs adored me in this white knee-length dress which gave me goosebumps. I'm smiling, looking at the wallpaper on my phone. We both were made for each other.

I never imagined my life will be filled with love in the form of Sarah and Jah's families. I grew up in an orphanage and craved to be loved but no one adopted me.

Sarah is my angel who became friends with me in high school. She loves me like her own sister and has always supported me. She even made me live with her when I was shifting from the orphanage.

I love computers and luckily I got a seat in the Brunel University. I wanted to become the best website designer and wants to work in Microsoft company. I'm excelling my studies and doing part-time jobs for my expenses. Jah is my classmate, who is intelligent and girls are gaga on this Australian boy but he confessed his feelings to me last year.

I'm not so sure but Sarah encouraged me. Even his parents accepted, even though I'm an orphan. Oops, Sarah will kill me if she hears, glad she is not here. After two years we thought to get married.

Usually, I'm a chatterbox but when he started making me feel butterflies with his romantic behavior, I even forget my own name. I kissed the picture on my phone and hugged it but I felt a little bit of pain on my cleavage. I couldn't see it clearly, so I saw it in the mirror and found a red mark.

'Oh my God, hickey!'

'Sarah is going to kill you, ' my devil brain said.

I got scared and started rubbing but it's becoming redder. I stopped, heaving a long sigh. At starting of our relationship once he gave me hickey but Sarah warned him. Since then he never dared to it but today...

'Rosy darling, how she will get to know it? The brain is not functioning correctly, ' my angel heart said with its sweet voice.

'Oh, my God, my brain is not functioning correctly?! I don't have enough money to cure the problem, ' I panicked.

'Shut up. You need to sleep, ' both my angel heart and devil brain roared at me.

I pouted and my eyes caught the hickey, I started blushing, caressing it. My eyes caught Sarah picture. Oh, I miss her, a lot. She went to her hometown where there was no signal. Her father was sick so she went leaving me alone or else she never left me, as she feels I'm innocent.

Okay Rosy, sleep. Tomorrow is a big day. I fell on the bed without changing the dress. I'm the laziest person in the world.


I groaned hearing the continuous rings from my phone. Immediately, my eyes snapped opened and saw the clock. Oh, Jesus, it's 7:30 A.M already. I should be there at 8'o clock. I rushed to the washroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face and as usual, sprayed perfume. I then rushed outside.

It's raining heavily and the black clouds are roaring with thunders. I love the rain but when I'm in hurry, I hate it. I started asking for a lift and when I finally got it but they left me after five stops. Still, three stops are there to go to the Bishops Avenue. So, I was looking for another one, it's already 7:50 but I'm not getting a lift.

Finally, the latest Lamborghini grey color car halted in front of me. My breath got stuck in my throat, looking at the beauty. He gave me permission, so I got in. I was awestruck by the beauty of the car. In the future, I will work hard and buy a car like this.

'You need to not be bankrupt then, ' my devil brain mocked me.

'I'm not useless to do that and get lost as I don't want to get embarrassed in front of strangers because of you, ' I scolded it.

His name is Angelo exactly like his nature. He is looking like a model in the cover pages of magazines. His honey-colored hair is waving with his every move, his hazel eyes are perfect with that sharp jawline and his perfume is really...

'You have a boyfriend, ' my devil brain said.

'It's just adoring a human being features. Rosy darling, go ahead, ' my angel heart supported me.

I was in my debating land but this beauty car is super fast. Within a few minutes, we are in the mansion. This mansion is not just awesome but amazing like in the Korean dramas. Sarah just showed me the kitchen and the back side of this mansion in our video call but I craved to see the whole mansion. I thanked the Angel and rushed inside.

There is a long pathway to enter inside the mansion. The glass walls of the mansion with a black and white color combination is enhancing the beauty, and the open white stairs are resembling the mansion in Secret Garden Korean drama. I just love that drama, especially for that mansion.

"What can I do for you, Ms. Rose Davis?" I got panicked with the voice

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