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   Chapter 1 Meeting Her

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Angelo's POV

The blackness formed the cloud while the thick rain covered the view in front of my eyes. I don't want to stop as my latest Lamborghini Centenario gave me a peaceful ride on the London roads.

I'm not a big fan of rains nor do I hate them. It just depends on my mood. Currently, I have a foul mood because of the bi**h Ellen Mason. I know she's not that lovey-dovey girl, but acted like one. I just hate clingy girls. The last night make-out session with her was awful.

One night stands were just to satisfy the physical needs but not for love, marriage and I'm not interested to get married either. For three nights, she acted like my girlfriend. Well, no worries, next time I will cut that crab out of my life.

If a guy is a Casanova or hates relationship then he must have a bad past. I don't understand this scenario and I don't belong to that category. I'm a happy rich spoil brat where day times busy in my Cox groups of business and nights with hot chicks. These relationships and...

My phone rang...

Damn! I softly banged the steering wheel with my right hand. I hate this guy John, my personal bodyguard. He's perfect with his job, but I need space sometimes which I get less because of him. I don't know what granny told him before she died but he sticks to me even though I torture him.

The morning, I diverted the security team and came for this long drive which I really needed at this moment. After the two hours on a long drive, I felt free and happy. The rain is decreasing and even my mood is getting better. I turned back to my mansion. The drive back to the home was smooth and the weather is pleasant to handle.

'Fu*k! The girl at the bus stop looking damn hot.'

I slowed down to observe her. She wore a white frock which was below her knees with perfect breast size - not too small nor big- but simply perfect. A beautiful perfect petite figure with 5.1" height and her long dark hair waved in the air. She looked like a lost Angel with an innocent face. She is asking for a lift and checked her watch every now and then.

I smirked and stopped in front of her, and opened the right side window. "Sir, can you please give me a lift to the Bishops Avenue?" She asked with her shrill voice. She bent down and kept her right hand near her chest.

Damn, I missed the chance to have a view of her cleavage.

She is looking cute, innocent, sexy and her shrill voice, uff, I want to hear her moaning my name when she is warming my bed.

I smiled and signaled for her to get in. She heaved a relieved sigh then ran into the car, keeping her right palm up above her head. Awkwardly, she adjusted herself and took off her hair click.

She smells like jasmine, her long natural eyelashes moved with perfection. Her nose and cheeks were pink, maybe due to weather but she is looking damn hot. Fu*k those heart-shaped pink lips are luscious and were inviting me to have the feast. Her chest is weaving up and down softly. Her long dark chocolate hair is wet and the water droplets falling on my right hand.

"Oh, I'm so sorry sir, " she said hurriedly, making a cute face.

I chuckled, "it's okay Miss..." I said and trailed off looking at her honey orbs.

She observed me then adjusted her hair with her fingers. "Umm... Rose Davis, " her eyes shivered.

Rose, such a beautiful and apt name to her. She looks as stunning as a pink rose and I like the way she got affected by me.

I smirked and extended my right hand for the handshake. "Wow, such a wonderful name. Hi, I'm Angelo, " I said in my own style.

I usually don't say my full name as girls cringe at me. She extended her left hand. Hey, she is a leftie, so we shared a firm handshake. "Thank you, " she said with a smile, left my hand and adjusted her hair.

"Your name is apt to your helping nature, " she said.

'Helping nature huh? Well, to your satisfaction let it be, babe.'

Her skin is soft and smooth. I just want to run my fingers all over her soft spots.

I started the car, "so where do you want to go, Ms. Rose?" I asked in my flirtatious

tone with the famous smirk.

"38, the Bishops Avenue, " she said looking at the stereo with awe expression.

I got shocked as she said my address. "If you don't mind, can I know why?" I asked with a blank expression.

"Actually, I'm going to work there on behalf of my friend Sarah, but this rain made me late. I thought I would not reach there until the rain stopped. Moreover, Sarah said that the boss will be mad at late workers. Thank God, he sends you like an Angel for me, " she said one go.

Freak, she talks very fast. Her voice is opposite to her angelic appearance though it's irritating I liked it. I smirked at the last sentence.

She is really innocent, "so you don't know for whom you're working?" I asked not looking at her.

"No, actually..." She trailed off.

She played with her fingers. I chuckled. "It's okay, relax, "

She heaved a sigh and started to observe the car. I know she likes the car at first sight. I'm checking out her body while she is fully engrossed in checking out the car.

Damn, this little Angel looks heavenly sexy to my morning desires. I just want to rip her white dress and caress her soft, smooth pinkish skin with my long fingers. I want to devour her pink lips until I'm fully satisfied. However, she is innocent and cannot be a one night stand for sure.

I entered my mansion. She gawked at the surroundings and I stopped the car in front of the mansion. "Here you go, ma'am, " I said in flirtatious tone with a smile.

"Thank you, thank you so much, sir, today you're really been, my Angel. Once again thank you, bye bye, " she blabbered hurriedly then rushed into the mansion.

I'm not an AngeI dear pink rose, I chuckled.

John opened the door, I smiled and went to my room. After half an hour, I'm looking perfectly handsome in my black Armani suit, gelled my honey-colored hair and my Rolex Submarine watch shinned on my left wrist.

I rushed to the dining table shouting Nancy's name but as usual, she stood in front of the dining table with the sweet smile. I hugged Nancy, kissed her left cheek and sat on the chair. Like routine, she served the toast with half boiled egg and butter with orange juice. I insisted her to eat with me, as usual, she protested but my single glare made her do what I want.

Nancy is my nanny since childhood and I love her a lot. At a young age, she lost her husband and never married again, and helped her kids to grow well. Now her children are well settled and many times I told her to leave this job, but this stubborn woman wants to take care of me till I get settled with a wife. Well, in that case, she may not get her retirement in this life.

"Nancy, how is the new maid Rose Davis working?" I asked, munching the toast.

"How do you know?" She asked, looking at me.

"I gave her lift, " I answered, not raising my head.

"Oh yeah, she is good and a bubbly sweet girl, " she took a bite of toast.

'Yes, she is sweet, sexy, hot and what not.'

"Oh, what happened to Sarah?" I asked and skip the juice.

"Sarah went to her hometown and Rose is having college holidays. So Sarah requested me to take Rose as a replacement, " she said and gulped the half glass of juice.

I just nodded, munching the egg. "Bring her, " I said without raising my head.

She heaved a sigh then went to the kitchen. I smirked, remembering her angelic face, and her shrill voice is still ringing in my ear, giving chills to my desired world. Both the ladies were coming. Rose walked behind Nancy with her head down, wearing the same staff pink color dress.

Usually, I don't like that staff dress on any beautiful girl, but this pink rose was stunning and sexy. She stood in front of me but didn't raise her head. Nancy sat back on the chair and started eating her food.

I smirked, "so, is your boss mad at you, Ms. Rose Davis?" I teased.

She raised her eyelashes and became shocked, looking at me. Her already pink cheeks grew to a dark shade, while her honey orbs wide opened and her damn luscious lips always inviting. I smirked and looked at her cute face.

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