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   Chapter 3 Her family

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Craig stared at her intently as she was being interviewed. She was a natural. The way she answered the questions being asked and her timing when glancing at the camera was as if she had rehearsed it a thousand times. It was impeccable.

Her smile.

How does he even begin to describe her smile. It was not even a full on smile. It was more of a smirk, but that's what makes it unique. The way her lips gather up to one side. It was as if she was teasing him.

God Craig. You are a Stavros. Why are you acting like a lovesick fool? Girls go crazy over you not the other way around. He thought as he continued to watch her being interviewed.

"Hey Stavros, stop staring she might melt." Terou laughed as he slapped Craig's shoulder.

"Shut up. She might hear you."

"So? Karin is used to guys staring at her, drooling even. Didn't you hear what I told you earlier? Her family is Japan's creme de la creme. You have to be within their league to be rubbing elbows with them. Let me break it down to you, Her father, Rui Konstantin Ohno is a renowned bio-geneticist. He's retained by not only the biggest companies here in Japan but all over the world. I heard even governments of different countries have been sending their people to train under him. Her mother, Raina Juenne Matsumoto is the daughter of Koji Matsumoto, the King of Japanese Cinema. Oh and her other grandfather is Makio Ohno." Terou narrated."

" Makio Ohno? The Makio Ohno?" Impersonating the person's famous hand movement.

"Yes, that Makio Ohno. The golden voice of Japan's music industry. So I was wasn't kidding when I said they are Japanese Entertainment's Royalty. But wait there's more. Her eldest brother Benjamin is the head of their company's Security and Information Technology Department and a computer whiz. Her second bother, Simon, is following their father's footsteps in the field of biogenetics and is getting some attention for himself. Her older sister, Audrey, how do I begin to describe her? Well let's just put it this way, if she was a model, she is going to put Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to shame. She is Japan's most sought after stylist. Cool right? Then there's Karin, who's following into her cousin's footsteps of becoming an Olympian. Who you might ask? Vladimir Ohno. Uhuh, the swimmer. " Terou said seeing how confused Craig is.

"I'm not done yet Craig. Karin has 3 more younger siblings and each one of them are gaining their own popularity. Alessandra the one the follows Karin is a skillful pianist and singer an

d has guested in some of their grandfather's concerts. Next is Ali, who at a young age has 3 exhibits under his belt. And lastly there's Seven, who's showing promise in baseball. And that's just her family alone. We haven't even talked about her cousins."

"Well surely they haven't dominated the racing scene yet." Craig said not taking his eyes off Carrie.

Craig loved to race. Well not the 'legal' type of race people are accustomed to, where the drivers race in a race track. Craig loves drag racing. Back in Greece he would usually get into trouble for organizing and competing in drag races. But because he bears the last name Stavros, he gets away with it.

"Says who? I told you they are into everything. Her cousin is an up and coming racer, Ricky Matsumoto? Haven't heard of him? Well maybe you've heard of her uncle, Raian Matsumoto? Ah …that one you've heard. So you see Craig, unless you are a part of Japan's top tier, I might think twice before pursuing her. She is untouchable."

"That's bull Terou. Craig don't believe him." Nanami, one of their classmates who overheard their conversation said.

" What do you mean bull? We'll it's true isn't it? Her family is up there." Terou reasoned.

"Yes, they are Japan's elite, but it isn't true that they're untouchable. They are as normal as we are. Have you been to their house? We've been there. We had a sleep over when we did our project last semester and let me tell you, they are not the spoiled rich brats as you guys would picture them to be. They don't have a lot of helpers. As I remember it, I think they only have one who helps their mom around the house. Their mom does everything. Karin and her siblings are required to do household chores too. Looking at them up close, they're not really that different from us." Nanami explained.

"But Nanami, I heard they live in a mansion." Terou said.

"It's a farm house Terou and it was average, just enough for their family, but I know they have another house. One inside that infamous Storm Compound." Nanami said.

"See, I told you it's hard to reach her." Terou said

"She's not. It's just that she's focused and has set her eyes on the Olympics." Nanami explained.

"Ok, but I still think it's really hard to keep up with her and her family. You have to really be filthy rich to be within their league." Terry said

Oh Terou, I think I would not have any problem with that. Craig thought smiling as he continued to stare at the girl who might hold the key to changing the elusive Craig Stavros.

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