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   Chapter 2 The First time I laid eyes

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Carrie knew she was going to be late. Her first class starts at 8 and she was still trying to figure out whether her boots would go well with her outfit.

She was not as fashion conscious as her sister Audrey but she knew she had to look presentable today.

Japan Times, the country's leading newspaper is doing a feature on her and she needed to look good. But being late isn't going to look good either.

Whatever. Carrie thought as she slipped on her boots, picked up her bag, got out of her room and ran downstairs screaming her lungs out.

"DAD! Let's go. I'm going to be late. "

Of all her siblings, Carrie is the only one who never really took the initiative to learn how to drive, so she still has to have her dad bring her to school.

"You're not having breakfast again? Carrie that's 5 days in a row. Do you know that breakfast…"

"... is the most important meal of the day. I know mom, but I'm going to be late." Carrie finished her mother's sentence as she grabbed her dad's wrist.

" Carrie at least let your dad finish his coffee." Ina as she followed her husband and daughter towards the door with Rui's coffee mug in hand.

Carrie stopped took the mug off her mother's hand and gave her a peck on the cheek.

" Bye mom, see you later. Wish me luck."

Ina smiled as she shook her head while she watched her husband and daughter pull out of the driveway.

Carrie checked her watch, 7:50 A.M.

" Dad, could you drive a little faster?" Carrie asked her father silently hoping that he would head her request as she only has 10 minutes left.

" Carrie, we need to drive safely." her father answered.

" I know dad, but I need to be there before the reporter from Japan Times arrives."

" If that was the case you should have woken up early."

" I know dad, but... please... just this once... I won't tell mom... Please just step on it..." Carrie pleaded.

Rui smiled as he stepped on the accelerator. How can he ever say no to his favorite daughter.

Carrie arrived in school with just 2 minutes to spare. She hastily handed her dad his coffee, kissed him on the cheek, flew out of the car and dashed towards her classroom.

Safe. Made it.

Carrie thought as she entered their room.

Just as she sat down, her teacher walked in followed by a foreign looking guy.

" Ok, settle down. Before anything else, I would like to introduce to you your new classmate. He just transferred from one of Greece's well known Business schools. Introduce yourself." Their teacher said before addressing the newcomer.

"Hi, I'm Craig Pietro Stavros. It's nice to meet you." He introduced, his eyes focused on just one person.

"Ok find a seat and just get your self acquainted."

Craig walked towards the empty seat near the back door. As he sat down the guy next to him moved his chair towards him and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Terou Kobayashi. I feel that we're going to be good friends." He said grinning.

"I'm Craig." he said without taking his eyes off the sole reason why he decided to transfer to Japan.

*Flashback to 3 months before*

"Pietro, you are coming with us to Japan whether you like it or not. Every time we leave you alone something happens and I just can't go on covering up for you."

"Mom, you're going on a business trip, which means I would either be left a

lone in the hotel or I would be alone exploring the place. Either way I'd still be alone. So what's the difference if you just leave me here." Craig reasoned with his mother.

"Don't get smart with me young man. Your dad expects you to join him in one of the meetings." his mother replied.

"Uggghh... don't tell me he's still planning to set me up with one of the daughters of his business partners. Not going to happen mom. I'm a free agent." he said smirking.

"Son, when will you stop?" his mother asked.

"Stop what mom?"

"Stop being a jerk. All those girls, when will you stop playing around?"

"Mom, they come to me, and didn't you teach me that it's rude to refuse."

"Anóitos! That did not include women who literally throw themselves at you. Someday, you'll find your match."

"I doubt it mom, I'm a Stavros I always get what I want." he said with confidence.

" Vlákas. You are coming with us and that's final!" his mother said with finality before slamming the door of his room.

As expected, all through the entire trip, Craig explored Tokyo alone. He refused to join his parents at their meetings.

He roamed the streets of Shibuya, joining the throng of people who scramble to cross the famous Shibuya Crossing. He checked out the different stores within the area, ate at a famous ramen house and checked out the stores at Shibuya 109.

It was half past 2 in the afternoon when he decided to walk towards Yoyogi Park. As he was nearing the park, he passed by a structure with a prominent suspension roof. Curious as to what it might be, he later found out it was a gymnasium with a skating competition going on.

He sat at one of the remaining seats in the bleachers just in time as the next skater glided through the ice.

Craig found himself staring intently at the skater. There was something about her. Something he has never seen in the hundred of girls that he has been with.

The way she skated has had him in a somewhat of a trance. Every sway, every turn, every jump, his eyes followed.

Damn it Craig, what's gotten into you? he asked himself.

He waited until her performance was over. He needed to know who she was.

Carrie Ohno.

Her name suited her.

He smiled as he flipped his phone and dialed a number.

"Hey, where are you? Pick me up at Yoyogi National Museum, and find me a private investigator." he instructed the person on the other end of the line.

*Present time*

" Hey Terou, how well do you know her?" he asked his seat mate while pointing at Carrie's direction.

" Who? Karin?" Terou returned the question.

" No, Carrie Ohno." he replied.

"Yeah, Carrie's her nickname. She uses that as her stage name too, but her real name's Karin. Samantha Karin Matsumoto Ohno. Yeah I know it's a handful. Not to mention high maintenance." Terou informed him.

"What do you mean?" Craig asked.

" Karin comes from the famous Matsumoto & Ohno families. Her father is a well renowned biogeneticist. Her grandfathers, yes both of them, are Japanese Entertainment's royalty. Their family owns Storm Enterprises, Inc. The company are into a lot of businesses. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. From trading to medicine, to food to fashion, name it they're into it. Wait, why do you seem interested? You like her?"

"She's the reason why I'm here." Craig stated matter of factly.

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