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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 8255

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I was so happy to see my son in good health. Edmund placed him carefully in my hands. Richard seemed so tiny and fragile as a porcelain doll. I noticed his black hair which already has grown a bit and thick eyelashes inherited from my husband. I was waiting in anticipation when he will open his eyes when I will see what everybody is talking about.

"I am so happy, Edmund!" I cried silently as I watched the little angel in my hands. I hoped he will grow up to be the one as well.

"I am happy that you are safe and well. I thought I will tear the door down hearing you scream." He gave an ironic smile. "Everybody wants to see you, as well as our son. Unfortunately, we had no time to greet the people in this house."

"They can come in. I am eager to see them as well."

Edmund's heavy body sat down on the bed next to me, his face turned serious but kept the concern and kindness burning in his out-worldly eyes.

"No. I told them to stay in their places and not bother you until I say so. You need to rest. I did not birth my son, but it sounded exhausting."

"Fine. You are right. Some time alone will not be a burden."

I took my eyes back to a baby who was stirring within the firm folded cocoon. His eyes slowly came open and my beating heart stopped - it felt so. His eyes... so clear and ghostly white. The faint purple tint weaved through his irises making him look like a being out of this world, something never seen before, magical.

"Is this how you looked like when you were little?" I giggled inwardly.

"Who knows?" Edmund responded with a faint chuckle.

"Edmund..." I gazed in his own pearly eyes, motioned him to lean closer, so close I could feel his body heat. I struggled to keep the tears of joy and fulfillment behind my lashes. "I love you... Thanks for making my dreams come true, my deepest wishes. I can't thank you enough you gifted me this life. You may not be the best man in the world, maybe you did horrible things, but deep down I know you never meant to hurt me intentionally. You allowed me to dream and in the end, make my dreams come true. I don't want to think of my life...what would have happened if I was sold to someone else. I might not even be in this world anymore."

"It would break me if you were not beside me..." His stare fixated on me, so intense and burning with emotions. "Now I will have another soul who's wishes and dreams I will have to fulfill... I certainly will."

He placed a burning ki

the jewels, now."

"I think I will have no choice. If the king wishes so."

I took him to my room and tapped the bed beside me for him to sit down. He pulled his tiny form up and patiently was waiting for the surprising reveal.

"They are precious indeed." I talked while taking the earnings out of the box carefully. "These jewels symbolize true love. Each man of this family gives them to the women they truly love, whom their heart belongs to. They get passed down from generation to generation and so on." I gazed at the pearls and tiny flowers dreamily.

"So it means they will be mine someday?"

"If you will be and grow up to be a good boy, I will give these to you... Not now." I slid my fingers through his silky hair.

"Mom! My hair! You will ruin them!"

"Promise me you will be a good boy."

Richard couldn't sit still as he pondered and thought about the answer to give. Finally, he jumped down and stood in front of me. His tiny fingers took one piece of an earring and motioned for me to lean over. I was awaiting his words, a whisper or anything else he wanted to say.

For my surprise he gently put a jewel in my ear, his tiny fingers tickling the skin.

"I will give them to you, mom. Because you are the woman I love the most!"

"I love you too, Richard."

His face changed to relaxed and that of a child he truly was. His eyes gleamed with joy. I gazed at them reminded of my husband and the true meaning behind the bizarre shade those orbs were colored in. A sign of power and a fate that will shape his life.

He is born to fulfill this role and he wants to do do it from his whole heart.


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