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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6045

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The carriage came to a sudden stop. I could not wait longer as the pain was getting unbearable. I looked at the door which came open. The night was pitch black and like distant fireflies, the light of the lanterns illuminated the warmth and comfort of home.

"Edmund? Edmund!" Where was he? I could not see a single soul after he left the carriage. I wanted to go, but something told me I will not be able to stand firmly on my feet. "Edmund!" My voice sounded like a whisper.

Unable to breathe and calm down I wanted outside and get fresh air as well as freedom from the confined space. My feet landed on the first step and then on another. Just in time strong hands captured me and saved me from collapsing on my knees. Like an afraid kitten, I dug my fingers in Edmund's jacket and I wished not to let go.

"Please, Edmund..." The rugged breathing denied me to form sensible words. "...I want this to stop! ...I want the pain to go away...!"

"Hold on, Thea. Soon, soon everything will be over."

His last words faded in nothingness, I could not register a thing.

"Oh my god! Thea! I did not think it's so serious. Get her inside, Edmund. I will get the water and everything else ready."

Seeing Fiona I desperately wanted to greet her, hug her and tell how much I missed the old times but seemed that at this moment my baby wanted all the attention for himself.

I felt the road under my feet disappear when Edmund scooped me up and in hurried steps carried me closer to the warm lantern light. In no time I was placed on a soft bed, it soothed my discomfort for a tiny moment until pain and contractions returned. For my relief, some pieces of my clothing were removed and my breathing eased, the suffocating hold was gone.

"Edmund, you will have to leave this room for now." I heard Fion

ver my lips.

"Do you want anything to drink?"

I nodded.

"Baby boy will be with you in a minute!" She chirped.

"Is he alright?"

"I don't know. People say strange things, but I have not seen him myself."

"Strange things?" I was getting worried. "Where is Edmund?"

I don't know why, but I felt like crying. All emotions seemed to come together at the wrong time. Relief, worry, excitement for the new life that has been gifted to me.

"He is coming." Anna eyed me. " Don't cry. Everything is perfect..." She brushed her tiny hand over my head in soothing manner.

The door opened and Edmund walked inside. Little Anna scurried outside shutting the door behind her. My husband hold a white, cocoon-like bundle in his hands. He did not look at me until he was right beside my bed, all his attention is taken to a baby in his hands. He seemed happy and very calm as if there was no single worry in this world.

My only worry was about my child. Is he healthy?

Edmund's white eyes landed on me, he smiled sweetly.

"Is he ok? Is my boy alright. They say... I... I don't know... What's up with him?"

"He... They say he has my eyes. I think we will have to raise the next king!"

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