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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5352

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I was packing bags once again. The excitement to travel back to the summer house kept my heart beating and beating. I longed to see Fiona and everyone else. They will be truly surprised about the soon arrival of my child.

I no longer see my feet, my belly seems enormous, but I do not worry. Everything will be fine. There is nothing that stands in my way. I have Edmund, Victoria the support of the nation. I wish for no more.

I feel warm fingers sneak in between my own. As on a queue, my child stirs within me signaling my slight excitement of how I feel. Edmund's hand tightens stronger and I look up at him as the soothing warmth fills my heart.

"This time I will not let you out of my sight, Thea. None of you..."

"And I will not even try..." I kissed his smooth lips.

His eyes still emitted that darkness which could not be erased anymore. Like a dirty stain of the past, it will always cloud his clean, pearly white gaze. I have failed to clear his heart of bitterness, regret and bring out the inner child who would let go of his guard and relax. Maybe when my child is born, Edmund will change for his own good.

Putting the last clothing pieces in a bag I think about returning home where all my life started. That's how I felt. I had no life before, just an empty existence. He showed me the purpose and made me dream, gave me hope for things my heart secretly wished.

"I can't wait to see Storm!" I exclaimed. "I missed the opportunity before. Now he will be the first I meet." With happy eyes, I glanced at Edmund who was standing behind me.

He stayed silent as if lost

for some time ahead.

"You just calm down, Thea. Breath, just breath. We will get home soon and will find someone to help you." He looked nervously out the window."

"You talk like you have experienced this before." I looked in his ghostly eyes for assurance.

"No... only what I have heard from my mother."

"Did she tell you about your birth?"

"No. Not to me, but to all her girlfriends. I was there dragged along, I had no choice when I was young."

I felt another contraction and unwillingly my breathing increased.

"Edmund... I am scared... What if something goes wrong?"

"Don't think about such things. You will be fine, you are strong."

His words would calm me, but I could not help and feel very anxious. This was all new experience to me and very scary to a young woman as myself. All I had to do was breath and keep good thoughts. I began to hum a melody which would help me disperse the unwanted thoughts and needles worries.

"Relax..." Edmund whispered and I wished for a moment I could be as calm and cool-headed as my husband.

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