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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5588

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Richard was sitting in a chair, a wooden table separating the space between us.

"Is there any problems, your highness?" I could see he was nervous.

"Relax. I am not here to talk about your work. It's your father I am interested in, more precisely, your relation to him. What are your feelings?"

For a second he seemed spaced out, but then got back his self-control and Richard's eyes reached the floor under his feet. He looked sad and lost in thoughts.

"I... I haven't seen him for a long time... Well... in truth, I haven't visited my father."

"Why is that?" His eyes reached mine for a second and returned to the place he monitored before.

"I... I am ashamed to say it. I forgot about him. Why do you ask, my lady?"

"Would you like to see and meet him again?" I eagerly leaned over the table.

"He would probably be upset about my long disappearance."

"He misses you greatly, Richard. I could see it in his eyes as he escorted me away."

"What? Where did you meet him?"

Richard's posture straightened up immediately as if being awakened from a deep slumber. His eyes burned with life and he awaited my answer.

"Joseph was the one who saved my life, who supported me through the long months and helped me get back home. He is still in the meadow behind the deep forests."

"He hasn't moved from that place, I see. How do you know he wants to see me? I left him all alone and worse of all, I forgot about his existence. He does not deserve to see a son like me."

"He did not tell me this, but I know he wants to. When he named my unborn child I saw the sadness and longing in his face and eyes. He did not express such emotions for anyt

eeing him safe and alive.

"It's me, Thea!" I said loud enough for his old ears to hear. "I have brought Richard with me!"

We both met and I gave him a tight hug releasing all my feelings and longing over him.

"Damn! Thea... I did not know the time has passed so quickly. Is he born already and you are waiting for the next one?"

"No." I laughed. "It's a gift from me." I continued in a hushed voice.

I moved away and let his son emerge from behind. He seemed hesitant and overwhelmed.

"Hey, dad. It's me... Do you remember me?"

Joseph eyed his son, his tall appearance with a grim expression hidden behind his bushy beard and mustaches.

"Damn! Grace, I think I am a goner..." He took a long pause. "Where have you been for so long...Richard...?"

His son towered over Joseph's fragile body. Richard leaned over and squeezed his old man in a hug that could break bones. There were no words expressed of how regretful the boy felt. I could see it in his eyes and body.

I could not stop the tears of joy fall over my cheeks. The cool air swept my loose hair and the Oak family was united.

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