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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5413

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I paced around in my room - nervous, a little bit eager to get the news. A few days ago I sent a man to find something... someone I was looking for. It mattered me a lot and for another human being, it was even more important than myself.

Richard Oak this man was. He is the son of Joseph. There is no way I can repay him for his help and kindness. He does not want money or any of the material goods. I promised him to thank for his help and this is the best thing I can do for Joseph.

I remember how sad he looked when dwelling in the memories of the times spent with his favorite boy. He might not be a boy anymore, but a grown man. Joseph had many children, but none was so close as this Richard. It pained me to think that all of his children had left him, all alone, forgotten by his closest ones.

I cannot calm down. I want to know where is he, who is he? Will he want to see his father? Is he still alive?

I could not stop the long trail of thoughts making my mind go crazy. I wished Joseph to be happy before he parts from this life. He does not deserve to die alone.

Violet knocked on my door and startled me. She opened them just enough to get her head through.

"Your highness, the investigator has arrived and he has some news for you."

"Oh! I was waiting forever for him to come back. Tell him I will be over in a minute."

"Understood, your highness."

She disappeared silently. My heart was beating in anticipation. Has he brought good news or bad?

I made myself presentable and with determined steps reached the guest room. This middle-aged man wore the long, grey coat and a hat

accept the extravagant attitude and respect shown wherever I went. In this situation, I did not want to disturb their calm mealtime.

"Richard Oak! Come forward!" The general's voice boomed over the multiple heads.

One young man came. The hair on his head was trimmed short, they were dark brown and his eyes gleamed with youthful energy.

"Could I speak with him somewhere in private?" I turned to general again.

"You are allowed to use my office, majesty."

I nodded and all three of us went to a much quieter place.

The general's office was holding lots of carved wooden furniture. Against the wall stood an impressive bookshelf and on top of it, two swords crossed each other. The metal shines bright and it brought a tiny spark, an accent in the dark-colored room.

He left me alone with Richard. I could tell he felt nervous as well as did I, but for different reasons. I was holding excitement and eagerness to hear his thoughts about Joseph and if he wants to go and visit his own father.

It would make my day if he chose to reunite with his old man.

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