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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5751

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"I kept the most suspicious people in the castle, rather than in the main prison." Edmund's voice was cold competing in temperature down in the lower levers, the basement.

Its location was still further away from the main rooms and living space of a king. The cold stone walls were bare, little dump, evoking the feeling of fear and misery even to myself. I wished not to think of what the real prisoners felt like. A nightmare come true - that what the stale air and the scarce sounds of the wind whispered.

"Who else is here? You make it sound like many people have been imprisoned, Edmund."

I tried to follow his fast pace. I was eager to meet Maria, but he seemed even more. The lantern in his hand was gripped hard, his stare set unmoving to face the dark tunnel ahead. He was ready to snap.

"Maria's father, Blanchard, Amelia..."

"Your mother, Edmund?" I was shocked. "Stop for the second! Please!" I pulled him to a halt.

He was breathing hard and few strains of hair have become wet and were sticking to his forehead.

"Just calm down for once Edmund! I am here, I am home. You have nothing to worry about anymore."

"Do you know for how long I was looking for you, how many sleepless nights went by just thinking and finding a way to get you back all the while that witch lied to me about her innocence? I cannot calm down until Maria gets to pay for her crimes. And the sooner the better."

"I am sorry I made you worry so much, Edmund."

My husband sounded so ruthless and cold, his words were harsh. I did not know what to expect from him anymore. He seemed to be stuck in a pit of rage and I had no idea how to get him to come back. It hurt to see him this way. In the faint light and t

e sang in her ladylike voice and looked up at my husband. "Are you sure it's yours? You don't know where she has been all this time..."

"Shut up! I don't believe your lies."

Maria laughed softly. I don't know did she feel confident or defeated, but her protests stopped, though her soft smile never disappeared.

"So... what you all are going to do? Kill me?"

Edmund was ready to spit some curses her way but I intervened just in time.

"No." I said calmly. "I will make you rot in the deepest cells for the rest of your life. I hope you will like to be closer to your home..."

Maria was confused. "What is it? I don't understand you."

"I meant 'hell'. That's where you belong to."

I wanted to get away from her, Maria's presence was unnerving. The fresh air and light felt so far away this moment. Edmund could feel my uneasiness and let her go. We shut her cell.

Nearly at the end of the hall, she said loud enough for us to hear.

"Thank you, William. You were a great help." Maria took a long pause. "Blanchard, if you thought you will get away... Not while I am breathing." The last sentence was filled with venom.

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