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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5310

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I stood in my husband's arms for eternity. None of us wanted to let go of each other, finally united and relieved of our pain. His scent and warmth of his hands calmed my heart slowly. I could not describe how happy I felt, how I missed our moments together - bad or good, it didn't matter. This is what I wanted all along, for our family to be together.

"I thought you are gone forever..." His words were muffled in the crooks of my dress covering the shoulder.

His lips lingered near my ear, while his hands drew me closer to his heaving chest. Unnoticeably they trailed over the side of my cheek. Edmund looked me in the eyes, his pearly white gaze clouded with tears and hurtful expression, the sadness I had never seen on his face. My husband inhaled deeply and his warm lips hungrily stole a kiss from my own. It felt like my world turned upside down like I have been thrown on a carousel, all the while the butterflies could not calm down, disturbed of the piece and slumber they have been calmly savoring.

Edmund's hand glided over the side of my body, he pressed me closer and then abruptly stopped. His eyes slowly examined my body while backing off a single step to have a better look. My hand was grasped in a tight hold in his palm as if afraid to lose me once again.

The longer he stared, the more it dawned upon me what's the problem. I forgot to announce the most important thing that has happened to me.

A baby.

"Wha... what is... this?" He seemed lost of words.

My belly had grown noticeably. I had not seen a doctor, but I figured I might be four months

himself. "Where is she?"

"In the prison, at this moment." My husband took the time to listen to me.

"I want to see her." I looked at him seriously with determination in my eyes.

There came a long silence from his part. It seemed he is trying to convey himself of letting me go and see this woman who holds no good intentions. I waited for his reply, but no matter what answer he gives I will deal with Maria myself. After all, she deserves special attention.

"Come with me then."

Edmund's eyes turned dark again, his brows creased. He became the same being I saw on a throne, cold and unforgiving.

My heart shook and I was eager to know more. What has happened while I was gone? What trouble have I caused with my disappearance?

For one thing, I was afraid. No matter what Maria did to me, I could not repay her with the same. I despise her, I am hurt for what she did to me, but I could never end the life of another human being.

I fear for Edmund because he might hold on to his promise. He might be gone too far to escape his rage.

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