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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 7713

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Albert whispered something in Jane's ear all the while she eyed me carefully. I had no strength left to wonder what is happening nor keep my attention and eyes opened. The softness and calming fragrance of the sofa drew me deeper in slumber until I gave up. I felt so comfortable.

"Hey, my lady. You should wake up."

A soft nudge made me stir. I felt the warmth on my shoulders and the sweet aroma of herbs. The same caring voice soothed my ears.

"You should wake up. There is a long road ahead of you and there are people who are waiting for your arrival. Drink some tea."

I blinked a few times and saw a cup with a steaming cloud in Jane's hands. The thick blanket was laid on top of me, but nothing else was changed since I fell asleep last night. I could feel my body was rested enough.

"Thank you!" I welcomed the warmth of the hot tea.

"Poor thing. So tired that you weren't able to stay awake for your dinner yesterday. Drink up and I shall help you get ready. You need a bath and new clothes too."

"I am fine. I don't want to burden you."

"I have plenty of time for our majesty. You have been gone for too long."

"How do you know who I am?" I felt unsure if that was a good thing that these people recognized me. It could also mean that Maria is not done with me.

"Ahh! I remembered you from the introduction party in Agra. I was there, but I had no chance to see you directly. So many people and the top nobles got the best spots. You looked beautiful, by the way." Jane bought a plate of freshly cooked buns and some fruit.

"Oh! I remember." I sipped a mouthful.

She gazed upon me dreamingly with a soft smile and her kind eyes. Her posture was straight and she looked elegant in her rather plain purple dress. It accented her warm face.

"Our king will be so happy to see you."

Edmund! How long has it been since the last time I saw him, hold his strong hand and gazed in his majestic eyes? Tears welled up in my eyes. I missed him so much.

"How is he doing?" I managed to push the words over my lips and breaking the heart.

Her face turned grim and she carefully put her own teacup on the table.

"Your disappearance saddens him greatly. He has looked for you over the whole country, jailed many people in prison, threatened citizens just to get some in

queen has arrived." Said, Richard.

He opened both doors and left me standing in the middle.

My heart stopped with what I saw in the far end.

Edmund was sitting in the throne, his posture leaned casually over the chair. He watched us with a scrutinizingly judging stare while one of his hands supported his chin. The darkness and anger filled frustration clouded his usually light-colored eyes.

"Edmund? ..." My voice sounded unsure. It seemed he has not registered yet of who he is facing - his own long lost wife.

His hand fell down by his side and he stirred. As he stood up from his throne, Edmund's steps seemed unsure, unstable, ready to lose the ground under his tall form. Slowly he walked over me, the face expression not changing a bit, the same judging stare, keeping me fixated and afraid all of a sudden. What has happened to him? Does he recognize me?

Edmund looked me over and then in my tear and fear-filled eyes. It felt like he has left this world, just an empty shell stood before me in silence.

"Thea..." He whispered.

And then just like a dark and menacing boulder of rock, he collapsed on my shoulders. Seemed as if the deathly coils of a snake wrapped around my body denying the air and precious life for which I hold on so long. I was ready to give it to him, succumb to his power to never be split apart again.

"Thea... Where were you?" His form was slowly starting to shake and I felt the hot tears of his suffering fall on my shoulder.

My heart relaxed and I gave up to my emotions.

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