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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5486

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My legs were about to give out. The road seemed endless, going forever through the dark forest as a golden thread, a lifeline for me. I hoped it is. Slowly I was starting to lose all the optimistic thoughts about my soon arrival and be together with my loved ones. For one I was grateful, the sun today was bright and warm, I felt no cold seep through my torn and thin clothing.

As I was ready to drop on my knees and take a rest, the odd trees caught my attention. At the very end of the road, they made even darker alleyway, their thick foliage concealing every bit of sunshine. I walked closer and the ground was covered in a thick layer of older and newer leaves. It gave me a feeling I might be closer.

Underneath the crunchy leaves, the hard stones of the gravel pinched my feet. The road and each step were hard, but despite it, I made my way through and then I saw, what I dreamed for a very long time.

A green, open field of grass and at the edge of the horizon a castle-like structure. It was small, but it meant I will have a chance to find my way home with the help of whoever lived in it.

I was stopped by a wide gate made of black metal rods. No one was in sight. Maybe they are gone? Maybe actually no one is here?

But then it shouldn't be so well taken care of. The grass seemed freshly trimmed as well as hedges along the path leading to the main building.

A bark of a dog made my heart jump and I pressed myself closer to the cool rods. It meant someone is at home.

"Hello? Hello!" I banged against the gate to get the attention I desperately needed. "Is anybody there? Please help!"

The barks got louder

e walls. My feet connected with a soft carpet and I nearly melted.

"What's the matter with her?" Jane asked Albert. She eyed me a little bit longer before saying in a hushed voice to herself. "She seems familiar..."

"I... I am just passing through. I need to get to the nearest city and after that see the king."

"No, you girl are not going anywhere in such condition. First, you need to eat something and clean yourself and above all - rest. I see you can barely talk how tired you are." Her voice was soft and melodic the same way as her face. The kind, brown eyes seemed to set a spell on me and believe her sweet nature. I did not doubt it.

She rushed into another doorway and Albert guided me into the room with a fireplace and a couple of soft cushioned sofas. He pushed me down and I succumbed to the welcoming comfort.

"Sit down. You must be terribly tired. What's your name? Where do you come from?"

"My name is Thea Wiltshire." My voice was weak.

"Thea?" It seemed that he had troubles forming thoughts as he said my name slowly. "Jane! Jane! Come over here now!

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