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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5241

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I looked forward at the dark, muddy forest floor, it felt almost as if the ground had taken away the strong courage I had a few days before. Devoid of light and life it was, the seed of fear was implanted in my heart. Fear of the unknown, getting lost or starving of hunger haunted my thoughts. I remember it so vividly, I was scared, lost in darkness. It's been so long and I feel that the world has forgotten about my existence, just like Joseph's. Nonetheless, I am determined to get back home. Such a small obstacle could not make me change my mind.

The same way as on the day I arrived, the forest looked deathly. It's dry though, most of the water is gone and I am free to go, finally.

Joseph stands behind me to say the last words, a 'goodbye' which none of us wants to voice. I will miss him and I think he will miss the company of someone even more. Too old and weak he can not escort me nor he really wishes. He wants to stay here to meet his last days.

"Damn! Here, take these..." He gave me a linen bag. "I prepared something for you to eat. Who knows how long it will be until you reach civilization."

"Thank you!"

I peaked inside. There were potatoes, few apples, nuts he had collected himself. It surprised me how he could find food in this overgrown meadow and forest. I could see only grass and trees.

"Go forward, past the oak tree until you reach a dirty road. It should lead to Shire if I remember correctly. Either way, at some point you might meet another person."

Joseph's face looked gloomy, the eyes did not hold the usual ene

that it leads to a city, that it is a road Joseph mentioned and will take me home. Upon expecting closer it seemed not used for some time, there were no fresh footprints or any indication of a carriage taking this route. It meant only one thing... I am still far away.

With the defeated sigh I drop back on the ground, take a breath to fully awake. The chill air is still present and bites my skin. I wrap my hands around me to keep some warmth and depressing thoughts began to invade my heart.

An unnoticeable tear rolls down my cheek, then another one and another. My heart breaks thinking about all the things and people ruining my life, denying me the happiness I long for. Just a small piece of it would be enough, just for a short moment be free of worries. I sit so much to ask? Do I deserve all these nasty obstacles put in my way?

Haven't I gone through suffering enough already?

"I want to go home... home..., please..." I cry in my palms.

I wish to stay strong for my loved ones, but for how much longer will I last?

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