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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5478

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"Let go of me, Edmund!"

"No!" I clenched my teeth trying to contain the anger breaking through. "You are coming with me!"

Maria was trying to pull herself out of my grip, but with no success.

"Why? What have I done?"

"You know better!"

She noticed the strong guards standing beside the carriage, which did not look like something a presentable and respected lady would use. It was simpler, in the same colors as my own, but instead of crystal clear windows on the sides, it held strong iron bars preventing anyone from escaping. I had a feeling she has caught up on what is about to come as her eyes widened and she gulped for air.

"You are gone insane Edmund! Presenting me like some criminal in the eyes of others?" She spat quietly. "Can't you just accept the reality that that damn slave does not love you? She left you because you are an idiot who cares only for yourself!"

"Save your words for later. And.... think of a good excuse to your crimes."

I forcefully pushed her inside. Maria growled in frustration and protested wildly, but she was no match to my strength. Normally I would not dirty my fingers of capturing the criminal, but she deserved the special attention because deep down I knew Maria is at fault.

The guards stood awkwardly behind me. Probably taken aback by my initiative and relieving them from the job they have been asked to complete.

"How can you do this, Edmund? Wasn't it enough for you to cancel our marriage? Now you want to publicly humiliate me? In front of all these people? Again?"

I stared at her coldly and watched as her fake tears rolled down her porcelain cheeks. T

. It is nothing bad to imagine ourselves at the top of the world." He chuckled. "Don't bother with me. All I need is already here. This is the place I have grown up and I want to stay here till the last day. I don't need the gems, money or what else not from your king."

In some way it saddens me, that this old man has to live so far away from civilization and spend his days in solitude, but if it is what he wants... Though I will not back off from my promise. After all, I am the queen and good people deserve to be rewarded at least with something.

"What name should I give to my boy?" I changed the subject.

Joseph was deep in his thoughts, a little bit depressed looking his eyes seemed.


"Richard? That's a good name!"

"Damn! Wha... what did you say my 'queen'?"

I laughed. "I asked what name should I give to my boy?"

"Damn! Boy? How do you know it is the one? Maybe a girl?"

"I am not sure. I just have the feeling it might be. As you said, I will call him Richard. A very noble-sounding name" I smiled at him happily.

He chuckled again.

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