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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5581

Updated: 2019-08-20 10:52

Days went by and my anger and frustration grew. I have confronted so many people, locked them in cells, but none of them is willing to give any information or knowledge about Thea.

Today is the day I will face the last remaining suspect for which, I feel, will bring some conclusion. I have managed to take everyone unnoticed by others, no rumors have spread nor regular citizens have sniffed out trouble in the royal house. For how long I will be able to hide the fact that our queen is lost?

The gut feeling tells me Maria knows things. Though she has left us alone, I know her well that it doesn't sit right with her seeing us together and in power.

I have informed her father about my arrival, hiding my true intentions behind the subjects of business. She knows I meet him often and will not suspect anything until it's too late.

Though I can hardly keep my emotions in place. Above all, I really miss my wife. Sleepless nights, worries. I am ashamed but there are times I want to cry and free myself of this suffocating feeling inside my chest. Nothing can help me do that except the presence of Thea.

My carriage is ready, with no time to waste I get inside and the long road to Maria's apartment begins. It's a short trip but today it feels longer, seemed like hours tick by so slow as never before.

The city looks boring. Same people walk here every day, the same faces, which are eager to get the glimpse of my own and most importantly that of my wife. My future is inevitable, no matter how hard I try it brings me back to my roots - the role my ancestors unwillingly put upon me.

The apartment house she lives in is enormous. Light stone scu

you, my dear husband." Maria's lips carved the wide smile on her doll-like face.

I smiled inwardly, but couldn't keep the slight grin appear on my own face. I knew I am losing my sanity and ability to hold my emotions in control. I was sort of happy for what is about to come upon her miserable existence.

I stood up towering her small form, took hold of her arm and pulled Maria on her feet not letting go of her. "Come with me!" I managed to keep my voice calm and low. She had a slightly surprised expression, but my main suspect had no idea what is about to come.

"Where are we going?" There was a hint of suspicion in her voice. "You know, you could be a little bit more gentle, may I request?"

Maria was right, I felt it too, slipping out of control and following the urges to my emotions. My fingers dug deep in her upper arm as if afraid to let her go and give her a chance to get away from a punishment awaiting this woman. I did not care how much I hurt her. She has done things far much worse and I have the feeling she has done something to my Thea as well.

I will find out the truth.

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