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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5926

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The castle felt oddly quiet. I saw no one in the hallways, just guards standing like statues by the main door. My heart was beating in anticipation to see my wife safe. I walked straight to our bedroom. When I opened the door she was not there. The room was tidy, the bed neatly styled. It appeared that no one has used it for some time.

I could feel my insides turn upside down just thinking for Thea, as she might be in trouble, but after some deep breaths, I tried to tell myself that she could be anywhere else in the castle.

"Oh, Lord! What brings you back?" Violets voice brushed passed me gently.

"Where is my wife?"

Her eyebrows creased in confusion.

"She left more than a day ago. Haven't you met her?"

"No. She did not come."

I left her to her tasks. My mind was racing trying to figure out what might have happened to her. Where is she gone? It pained me to think that another person is involved in her disappearance.

Unnoticeably I have found my way back to the main hallway. Pacing back and forth I tried to calm my heart and think of my next move. I couldn't simply go out and find her. I knew nothing of her whereabouts nor people in my castle had any idea. The last time I found her was a lucky chance, but now?

The frustration sets in and I feel like pulling my hair out.

The front door opens and for a second my heart springs back to life seeing a glimpse of a silky laced fabric on a light-skinned hand. But as soon as this person enters the room I am faced with deep disappointment, it is not Thea. Just William Blanchard with a sheepish grin on his face.

He is humming some unknown melody as he walks up to me like some kind of clown. I collect my posture and calmness. He is the last one to know about my problems.


emed annoyed.

I flashed a glance at Blanchard, who was as surprised as my mother.

I quickly went away to get my men and returned as fast.

"Guards! Take them to the cells! Both of them!"

I noticed them being hesitant and it angered me even more.

"I am the king! Do as I say!"

I was happy to see the smile from the face of William disappear. He held a shocking expression as if not believing his own eyes and ears of the sudden outcome to his annoying tea party.

"Edmund! What is the meaning of this? Have you no shame? I am your mother."

"Really! Have you been? I might be your son by blood, but also I am the king. And if you are threatening my family and power, I will see you face the consequences."

I didn't feel anything for her. No petty or shame. I could only think of getting the needed information and finding Thea sooner.

"Take them away!" I ordered the last time.

I saw their forms protest against the powerful holds of my guards. Blanchard seemed to have lost his cheerfulness and my mother occasionally spat some 'loving' words my way.

I will put every person in prison if it is what it takes to get my wife safe and back to my side.

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