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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5387

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Edmund's POV

The sky was darkening. The last rays of sunshine disappeared masking the pleasant day into the gloomy atmosphere, the same as my mind. The window of my room was opened and silky white curtains danced wildly in front of me. I was restless. My heart was beating fast for no reason. Like a small boy being afraid of the thundering storm, I wanted an escape from my feelings, the dark emotions that were brewing inside of me.

I am still waiting for her, for my wife to come through the gate with the kind shine in her eyes, dispersing the dark clouds.

Maybe I am worrying for no reason? It's been only two days but for me, it feels like an eternity. She will come. I must have faith in her. I know she is strong and has grown knowledgeable, but I can't help but think of her as a small innocent girl who needs my help and support.

Without Thea, not even the calmness of my land can cure me. I can't relax knowing she is somewhere else, without my protection and watchful eye.

"Edmund! Why are you standing in the wind? Close the window."

I heard Victoria's calm voice. My eyes were watching the moving clouds and I inhaled the fresh air that flooded the small room. I heard her nearing me and then the weight of her form landed on my back. Victoria's firm grasp on my shoulders felt like a soothing hug. She sighed next to my ear.

"I want to say she will be alright, it's too early to worry, but... I... I don't know... I have the feeling it is not alright... " Victoria sighed. "I don't like the clouds outside. It makes me feel sad and lonely."

"Should I go back to Agra? To see he

ld be myself in this house and I enjoyed the casual interactions between the long known workers and me. I wish Thea was here. She would love to see Fiona again as well as Storm.

In some way, he looks unrecognizable. The pitch-black coat has changed to a dark grey and few coarse hairs have given him an, what looks like a beard, old man's appearance. Storm's reaction has gotten slower. Also, he could hardly recognize me, though not so long time has passed since our last meeting.

"Is Thea not here yet?"

We both shook our heads. Not knowing was the hardest thing to cope at this moment. She might be at the castle or on the way here or something else entirely has happened to her, but I wish not to think of the last.

"I will go myself to see, what has made her stay behind."

"Yes, you do, Master. Otherwise, I will not be able to sleep at night. I still have nightmares of the last time Maria sent her away." Fiona shed a tear of concern.

She looked over the table one more time. "Now, eat up! I am not going to throw this wonderful food out for pigs!"

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