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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5408

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Complete darkness engulfed me. I washed myself and my clothes in the nearby stream. Now the remains of my garments hang in the pitch dark room along with me sleeping on the puffy pile of hay. Joseph provided me with a separate room. It was a storage cabinet, but sadly, not much was saved to provide him with goods for later.

Nothing was comparable with silky sheets and duvets of the castle. It's been so long since the last time I experienced such conditions. Though I was not the one to complain, content enough to get a decent shelter for the night, I could sleep at last.

My memories went back to Edmund. He is in his summer house, patiently waiting for me, unaware of the tragic events I was taken into. It breaks my heart I have to be separated. For how long? How long does it take for water to go away?

I pray for my husband to stay calm and cool minded while I find my way back. Sometimes I think it's harder for him to handle my problems than myself. He needs me and I need him. I need the warmth his heart provides. I feel lonely sleeping here in the middle of nowhere.

The night was long and it was hard for me to close the eyes. Troubled thoughts didn't let me have a peace of mind.

The morning was coming. I could see the dim light appear from the small rectangular opening in the wall, which was supposed to be a window. The only thing it was good for was providing me with fresh air and slowly awakening chirps of birds.

Instantly my mind went back to the summer house and depressing thoughts of what I am missing out.

Seemed that Joseph is waking up. I heard footsteps and doors squea

afe to raise another human being under my wing.

"Damn! I had many those years ago. I could tell it straight away, whenever Grace showed the first signs. Those were my happiest days." Joseph seemed to enjoy his memories. His eyes glowed in the faint morning light. "I sometimes wonder where are they now?"

"You don't know? Don't your children visit you?"

"Damn! They all left long ago. Left me behind and Grace. Well, I am not mad. They have their own lives now."

I jumped in pain, when Joseph put the remedy on my wound, totally unaware of his moves.

"I am sorry to hear that..."

If it is true and I am pregnant, I wish for my child to see his father. I want a family that sticks together through hardships and share happiness in the years to come. I will do everything to bring a good life to my baby.

What Edmund is going to say? What will be his reaction? Does he want children? I have never asked him about it.

I can't wait to tell him the news. I don't know why, but once again I feel butterflies swarm in my stomach, bringing happiness to my heart.

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