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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5333

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Seeing Maria here meant nothing but trouble. She sat before me smirking as if knowing something great I did not know about. The thought alone sent shivers down my spine. I had so many questions to why she is here with me, what are her plans, how did she know I will be going somewhere?

Maria stayed silent for so long, didn't bother me and Edmund and now I think she has come to fulfill her dirty plans. I knew for a hundred percent this was not just a simple accident of us meeting each other.

"What do you want?"

My heart was pounding, but I managed to keep my voice from wavering or sounding weak and afraid.

"It's a secret for now, but you will get to know my plans soon."

"I don't have time for your games." I was annoyed. "Leave me alone and get out, now!"

There was no reaction from her, only her smile stayed plastered on her face - sweet and deceiving.

"Coachman! Stop the carriage!"

"You are wasting your time, Thea. That man on the top is doing work for me. He is not going to listen to you." Maria paused and leaned over the window a little bit. "Keep going! Don't stop!" She said to her hired man.

I was on the brink of panic. I was all alone with this shady woman. No one was here to help me. She even managed to snatch off my trusted coachman.


He has no idea I am in this situation. What am I going to do?

"It's such a pain I have to do this on my own. All the help I have asked... The people have failed me, even my own father." She said calmly, in the way of telling a story all the while watching out the window on the passing dark trees.

e and took a simple-looking beam of wood. It was thicker than a stick, but not big enough to be too heavy for Maria.

I wanted to run... But where? In the forest? The plumpy dress and my feet stuck in the mud were not allowing me to move fast. Before I knew it she had come to me. Her hands were raised high up with a beam in her arms. I tried to protect myself, but the power was too strong and I felt it collide with my head.

It went dark. I felt nothing. Until I lost my senses altogether.

Shivers of cold had taken over my body. My limbs were stiff and it was hard to move. I wanted the warmth, the comfort, to be close to my beloved husband Edmund. I struggled to open my eyes, but I wished to know and see where I am. Was it a bad dream?

I gathered my strength and lifted myself up a little. Between my fingers, I could feel damp leaves and cool earth. The night was gone, but the light was still dim, looked like early dawn with a thick fog and ghostly looking trees.

The scene looked surreal, unfamiliar.

Where was I?

Am I still alive?

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