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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5346

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I didn't want our friendship to end. I made my decisions hasty without thinking it over. I have the feeling that Margaret and Scarlet knew nothing of Cristina's true intentions. Before I go I will talk to them one more time to clear things out.

The weather is getting cooler and bright warm sun is rarer these days. As for today, the thick clouds are covering the sky, but it doesn't appear to bring rain.

Girls live in a fancy house in the middle of the city. It's a lot smaller than those I have lived in. The decoration is similar, it stands out between the dark brick buildings surrounding the structure. Carved beasts guard the entrance.

I knock on a door, my heart is pounding. Will they want to see me?

A maid comes out and invites me inside. The welcoming warmth heats up my cheeks. In a distance, I hear familiar voices.

"Please, your highness. Come inside." The maid gently pushed me deeper into the room.

The interior was so different. Many antique-looking furniture was placed along the wallpaper covered walls, big crystal chandeliers gave a very soft light, leaving most of the corners in shadows. Nonetheless, the family was wealthy, none of these things I have seen anywhere else.

"Hello! Sorry to disturb you at this hour. I wished to clear out our misunderstandings before I leave the city."

The serious expression of the sisters troubled me and I thought maybe I am a nuisance and have made a mistake for coming.

Scarlet's face softened up. She even gave me a weak smile.

"Sorry, Thea! We apologize in the place of our cousin. Also, we knew nothing about

d run cold. She was covered up in a black cloak, her face hidden beneath a hood, only her pale skin peeked under it.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Unwillingly my voice was wavering.

"Have we been apart for so long? It pains me that you don't remember me."

She took off the hood, her moves were elegant like those of a high born lady. Then her eyes reached me and I lost my breath. The carriage was still going. I was worrying... Where?

As if reading my thoughts, she said. "Don't waste your time, dear. It's no longer your coachman and the carriage won't stop until I say so."

Her voice was filled with excitement. I could feel she is holding on to her emotions, trying not to spill her happiness over her smirking lips. I hated it. Constantly my eyes looked out the window waiting for a moment to jump out, escape this situation or wake up from this terrible dream.

My arm reached for the handle, but before I could open the door she took hold of me and pulled me back in my seat.

"Let go of me, Maria!" I raised my voice. "Don't touch me!"

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