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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5389

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As soon as I entered the room, all three girls stood up instantly. Stiff and afraid, their eyes were watching their own feet. I knew they are afraid of me remembering my own feelings at the time.

"Do not be afraid of me. I once was the same as you - a slave."

I kept my voice gentle not wanting to frighten the girls even more.

"Come on, you can look at me."

The tallest one slowly lifted her head up. Now I could see her beautiful eyes - brown and bright. Unfortunately, the emotion in her orbs saddened me.

I took my hand and run my fingers through her blond hair. They were in color of hay and I could imagine in bright sun rays they shine like threads made of gold. She jumped back in fear.

"What is your name?"

I waited for some time for her response.

"Lana." She replied timidly, I could barely hear her voice.

"I am Thea. I will be your ... caretaker."

I noticed the two other girls finally look up at me. All three of them looked very similar, the same shade of hair as well the color of eyes. I could almost say they come from one family.

"Do you know each other?"

"W...we are sisters. Elena and Layla are their names." Said Lana.

"Alright." I smiled. "I will explain what your role will be in this house then." Sisters listened to me carefully. "You all will be taking care of this castle, doing cleaning, cooking and if needed aiding the royal family. Together we are four people - me, my husband Edmund, his mother Amelia and father Charles. As expected you are to show respect to each of them, especially to our king Edmund. As for me... I might forgive you the cas

e city, some close friends might be good for his wellbeing. Victoria is the closest one from this part and I had never seen her anger him or cause any other mood swings in Edmund.

"Aren't you upset that she is coming with me?" He asked after some time of watching me.

I glanced at him not understanding the undertone of his question.

Edmund's lips turned into a sly smirk. "I know you had some problems with Victoria in regards to me..."

"Who told you that?"

"And what do you think? Victoria of course."

"Why did you keep it secret from me?"

"You girls have to solve your own problems."

Edmund gave me a kiss and he gazed in my eyes for the last time before he leaves. I was happy that for today his mood seemed ok. There was brightness back in his eyes and face. I could tell he can't wait to get back to the countryside.

Some part of me was still worried. He will not be able to stay there forever. Eventually, Edmund will have to return and face the problems in regards to this land.

"I will be waiting for you. Stay safe!" He said silently.

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