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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5670

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I missed Edmund and for the whole night, I was trying to get my courage back for today when I finally go and meet him. Nonetheless, my heart is pounding just thinking about the encounter. We have split so far apart just in mere days.

The hunger is evident this morning too, but the nauseous feeling is keeping me from getting up and devouring the breakfast that awaits me in the kitchen. I sigh heavily. What is happening to me? The last couple of days have been horrible as if the sickness is trying to get hold of my body. Maybe it's the constant worries and anxiety that is causing the problems?

I get dressed and decide not to wear a corset today. I need air and I am not planning to venture outside anyway. Another moment of breath makes me realize I need to visit a bathroom. The sickening feeling comes in waves until I end up throwing up my nonexisting stomach contents in the pot. At that moment a knock on a door disturbs me and a young maid peeks through, her young face showing concern.

"Are you alright, majesty?"

"Yes, nothing to worry about."

"Should I call a doctor? You look a little bit pale... ."

"No. It's just the symptoms of anxiety."

I gave her an annoyed look and she stopped probing my well being. I didn't need extra attention after the crazy days left behind. I felt well.

"What it is you wanted?"

"Uhmm... Our king wants you by the breakfast table today."

It sounded odd, but my intention was to see him anyway. Only the sudden invitation from his part surprised me. What it is he wants from me? I hope nothing that would make my day worse.

"I was going there anyway. Tell him I am coming."

I washed my face and hands and with a soft tow

n your emotions."

"No! That's what they deserve. I no longer plan to be the soft and forgiving man I have been so far. If they want to stand in my way, they will face the consequences of their sick schemes."

"Edmund..." I could feel his temper rise.

He looked at me hard. "Even you will not change my mind."

Edmund had moved away from the table - angry and frustrated. Even though he pushed me away, I am not going to give up. He married me, we are a family and it means we have to fight together to overcome the problems if we want to be happy in the end.

My heart was trembling and aching in pain. I walked up to him and placed the soft kiss on his lips. He breathed out heavily. Looking up in his eyes I could see conflicting emotions. My warm hands hold onto his heated cheeks. I could feel my hands tremble as well.

I said quietly, almost in a whisper. "Your orders mean nothing to me. I will find a way to erase your anger. And do you know the place where you could find some peace, even if it is for a short time?"

Edmund's minted breath fanned my face.


"Go to see Storm. He misses you..."

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