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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5234

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My gaze followed her shrinking form as she walked closer to my husband who for my surprise has ventured out of his room. His tall form was leaning over the railing separating the outdoor section with the garden. I could see from afar his fists tightening as he looked into the distance. I wished to see his face, but the gut feeling told me Edmund was not feeling better today.

Cristina was so confident walking up to him, not frightened or wary of his possible reaction. It pained me to even think that from all people she might have a chance to sway his mind and feelings to a calmer place. I was doubting it will ever happen.

Scarlet and Margaret mumbled something nearby. I was too occupied observing the scene in front of me. My heart was beating faster and faster. I wished nothing goes wrong.

With a subtle smile and concerned look in her face, Cristina approached Edmund. He seemed surprised but chose not to react to her sudden appearance. They talked and I wished I could be there and witness their conversation.

Seemed like hours passed even though mere minutes went by. I could see Cristina's grimace change into the shocking expression. What happened, what did Edmund say to surprise her so much?

My breath stopped when I saw her hand rise up ready to strike at Edmund. His reaction was lightning fast grabbing her delicate arm before it connected with his face. My husband's hand was shaking in anger. Fear gripped my heart. What could he do to me if I chose to see him? He has no problem to be so rude to a lifelong noble lady?


he room I spent the previous night. Just like him at this moment I craved the solitude and a peaceful location to stay with my thoughts undisturbed.

It hurt me deeply that people who I thought to be my friends betrayed me once again. For once I thought I have some real friends from higher society who might like me for who I am not for the status I hold now. Maybe I am not made for this life, just like Edmund resents to be the king. What if there is a place where we are meant to be but not here? What role do we have in this life? Only to suffer or is there a greater purpose?

Another night I wish to lie here and cry my feelings out. I feel unsure of what Edmund will do from now on, what he truly felt for Cristina or was there anything at all? Could it be only her delusional perception that Edmund saw something in her? I want to believe nothing happened. I trust him. What will hold us together at this hard moment in life as not the trust we share? I put faith in him, Edmund will get better, he will find his peace eventually.

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