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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5417

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I was afraid to face him. Spending night alone has made my fear of Edmund grow. Uncertain of his state after the last night. I was thinking over his uttered words, what they meant and what he had gone through, what changed him?

I know he has never wanted to be a king, rule this land. Take responsibility, which is put upon him against his will. He married me and it partly drew him back to the life he hated. I never asked him to be my husband. Totally satisfied my heart was just with Edmund's presence. I wished him happiness, I still do, with me or someone else. It was all that mattered to me. Like he said... He might have done a mistake...

The person who caused his temper to change knew what he is doing. Edmund's rage will destroy everything. And first to crumble will be his happiness.

Was it Maria again, who can't come to the peace with the current situation and choices Edmund has made?

... but Edmund said 'him', as if talking of a man. Her father? What kind of man is he? I have laid eyes on him only once, long ago when I was a child. He seemed a pleasant man, but from what I have gathered now, I might be wrong. Maybe he is just like his daughter - kind and loving from outside, but who knows what his true colors are like?

Feeling sluggish I slowly creeped out of the room I spent the night in. On the way to the kitchen, I met Violet. She had not lost her anxiousness from the last night.

"Violet! What my husband is doing?"

She looked at me weirdly.

"Still in his room, my lady."

I was disappointed and relieved at the same time. I didn't want to meet him yet but was hoping m

ng reaction came from her cousin Cristina. I didn't know she cares so much about what is happening in my family.

"Where is Edmund? Maybe I can do something to make him feel better?"

"I don't know. I myself have not met my husband today. Truth to be told... I am afraid of his reaction. Maybe we should wait until the storm is over. He probably needs some time alone."

"What kind of wife are you? Leaving your own man in the state of misery?" She did not sound b

Judging or upset, but in some way, her words offended me a little. From her point of view, it seemed I care less about Edmund than she does.

"I know better what he needs. Some time of solitude." I said in my defense and hoped it is the best solution for Edmund.

"I will go to check on him anyway if you don't. Can't leave a man alone like that."

She turned away, her puffed up dress swaying wildly in the process. Deep down I hoped he is doing better today, even though none of us has made an attempt to meet.

'He just needs some time to himself' I said to myself to make my worries disappear.

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