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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5629

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The girls were not expensive. Actually, I was surprised that the value of a human being was so low. It pained me to think I am as horrible as my previous owners, going so far to buy a person for myself.

I tried to believe I am different. I am not going to use the life of the girls for my own good. I will set them free – to live a life they wish.

A pair of blue eyes timidly watched me. I could see the uncertainty in her orbs. Afraid and scared in what world she will be thrown into. Before I could say a thing Victoria's sharp voice startled me.

"Where did you run off?"

She eyed the spot we were in, the surrounding and then her glance landed on the girls beside me. I had gone a little bit further away from the slave traders. The constant reminder of their profession broke my heart.

"Who are these?" Victoria took another moment to grasp the scene. "Don't tell me they are yours now!"

"These girls will not be mine."

My friend pulled me closer and whispered.

"What do you think? To let them free? Have you thought about the place they will be going to?"

Victoria was right and I should be the last person to be reminded of the harsh reality that a slave has. There would be no place for them to go and most likely after some time every single one of them would end up back in the hands of traders.

I thought long and hard about what to do with them now. The worst decision would be to leave them to their fates.

"I will set the girls free!"

"Thea!" Victoria sighed. "I thought of you more."

"And will take care of them."

"Just be careful with your ideas. I doubt Edmund will like it."

"He does not need to. Who is the queen here?"

A q

es, I could not see yet.

He grunted in displeasure.

"What are those?"

A long silence stopped the time, keeping everyone anxiously awaiting his further words.

"Have they no sense of respect? Bow down in front of your king!"

Edmund's voice suddenly rose up shaking the hearts of everybody.

I looked at the girls and silently asked them to bow down.

He looked down at them from afar as at nothing, like they were some insignificant trash, not human beings. Only now I noticed something strange in his appearance, in the way Edmund spoke and behaved. It was not his usual way of meeting people, even ordering.

"Don't expect me to bow down in front of you." Deep down I was not allowing him to put me down, because I knew that something has changed him. It was not his usual self.

Edmund stayed silent, but I could see he was holding his words in, on the brink of spitting them out.

I collected all my courage and walked up to him, showing no fear or hesitation. Everything became clear when I looked in his eyes and felt the scent radiating of Edmund which was not his.

Edmund, you are drunk."

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