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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5828

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I had good hopes for today. In a long time, I had someone to share my days, with the exception of Edmund. I felt safer with Victoria next to me, a new friend on someone I could rely on, ask for advice or just simply be there for me.

She sat before me in the carriage, a small smile present. What was she thinking? Not often I see the bright emotions on her usually hard and arrogant face.

I glanced out the window. My eyes squirmed in bright sunlight. The day was peaceful, with bright blue sky - some tiny birds were chirping high up above our heads. I sighed releasing the building emotions stirring within me.

"It's so nice to see some change!" Her voice was light.

"Yeah, it's been days since we got some decent sun."

"I am not talking about the weather, you silly girl. It's so nice to finally be in peace with you. The jealousy you lead yourself into was starting to get bothersome. I am glad you opened your eyes and changed your heart. Edmund would never cheat on the woman he cares the most, not even the prettiest of the beauties stand a chance."

"I am sorry. If it wouldn't be for people who made me doubt him, I would never think of him setting eyes on someone else."

"You see? You know him so well, that nothing of that sort crossed your mind. Who told you this nonsense anyway?"

I let out a shameful breath.

"Mostly it was Blanchard, some other people too."

"He is the last person you should listen to. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is true. There must be some personal gain to his deceiving nature."

"What could it be?"

"I don't know, but I am sure, nothing good."

The guilt of doubting my husband was evident in my heart, but I wished to erase it and focus on today's activities instead.

have spent here in front of the eyes of their new possible owners.

My heart trembled and bitter tears wished to get free, but I constricted my emotions. I felt for them so much.

"Set them free!" I ordered calmly.

"What?" A man grunted in disbelief.

"Let the girls go."

"I will unless you pay the price, ma'am."

My jaw dropped, but then everything dawned upon me. That's how it is and always have been. There are people who sell slaves and who buy them. Rarely someone just simply let them go. It's a business after all.

"I have to make a living too." He continued. " So which one you will buy, lady?"

I hesitated. I didn't want to be the one who contributed to this despicable act and business.

The longer I looked at them, the more my heart churned in sadness.

"Can't you just let them free? It's a king's order."

"King's order or not! I will not go home with empty pockets. Pay or free the space for someone who will."

He gestured for me to go away, almost as if I was an annoying insect. My patience was running low. I could not leave these girls to the horrible fate that awaited them.

"How much do you want for them?"

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