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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5634

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"I don't want to sound rude or anything, but could we hear about your life as a slave?" Scarlet asked after some time of pondering in silence.

All four of us were sitting on the balcony, basking in the blinding morning sun as the soft breeze swept the silky white curtains near us. The atmosphere was idyllic and surreal – the calmness and fresh air, the scent of flowers from the garden beneath nudged our senses. I laid in the rocking chair and swayed my legs playfully. I was happy. For some period of time, nothing troublesome has happened for which I was beyond thankful.

Scarlet's question snapped me out of daydreaming phase, where I was in. I didn't blame her for being interested in my past. It wasn't a secret anymore.

"Uhmm... A lot of things has happened. What do you want to know?"

"When did you become a slave?" She was being cautious. "I have never had a slave or anyone of my family or friends had owned one. I am surprised such thing still exists. What kind of people would like to have a slave?"

"People who enjoy seeing the suffering of others, " I whispered under my nose. "Since my birth, I have been a part of the slave world. They don't care if you are just a child or an old person, they expect only one thing from you, complete obedience. You work with no reward, with no time to rest, until you can no more."

I remembered all the people and previous owners who hurt me and made my life miserable.

Scarlet and Margaret awed in disbelief, but Victoria didn't seem fazed at all.

"It sounds horrible. How could a sane person do such things to another, especially to a child?" Said Margaret.

"And ... I suppose Edmund was the one who freed yo

oble women, with a secret agenda, which he hates the most. Not his mother nor Maria had proven the pure intentions, that some might hold in their heart. The drama is not for him and where are women, there always are problems. He has learned his lessons and if he hasn't, the more unpleasant emotions will be unleashed and people will suffer.

"I don't know how Edmund will be holding on." Victoria seemed very concerned. "It's not enough with Maria, but her father is stirring things up as well. He is not going easy on him. Because of rejecting Maria or some other things, he has pulled out his family tricks. I am worried."

"Family tricks? What do you mean?" Scarlet was clueless.

"Her father might do anything to change Edmund's mind or if not, make his life miserable."

"But he is a king. No one can deal with it and face no obstacles."

"I am fearing for that reason. He might become the fairest ruler or the cruelest tyrant if played with his emotions."

"Victoria, you are scaring me. No way our gentleman Edmund can be so cruel and unfair."

"Silly girls, you have the wrong perception of Edmund."

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