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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5843

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The first morning when I didn't feel well. Faint nausea deprived me of enjoying food that maids have made. Though my stomach rumbled in silence, I left the dining room rather early, before anyone had shown up.

Deep down my heart was beating in anticipation of the upcoming meeting with a very important person. For the last few days my mind was coming up with all kinds of reasons to avoid it, but the logic sense told me to handle the situation otherwise.

I sent a letter to invite this noble lady. First of all, I was doubting if she will accept it. The pain I had caused and misunderstanding had made a deep gap in our relationship and I didn't want my mistakes to affect this family's future.

As I was waiting in the hall for a response to arrive, my hand traces over the scar on the back of my neck. It upset me how obvious it was and I had the feeling that Cristina will not be the only one questioning its origin. Everything about my past most likely is a very attractive topic to the noble people of this country and lands around. The gossip will be inevitable wherever I show up. How will I handle myself? Just like Edmund said, I have to forget about it otherwise I can't imagine freaking out every time someone points our my scars, which are too many to actually forget about and also people who inflicted them.

"Your majesty, I have news about lady Murray." An errand boy announced unnoticeably bursting through the door.

"What is it? What did she say?"

"She didn't want to come at first, but somehow I managed to change her mind. In fact, she came back to me."

"What? I didn't expect her so early." I said to myself.

"Should I let lady Murray inside?" He asked unsurely.

I thought for second whether I should gree

managed to hold onto her cold voice. "It's my fault, our fault that we acted so freely in front of you. If I am aware, Edmund hasn't told you much about my existence and understandably for a young and naive woman like you, it would raise suspicion of what is going on. We forgot that you are now his life. I think it would make any girl jealous of seeing such a handsome man with a bunch of ladies. But fear not, I guarantee Edmund is not that kind of man, so you should stop worry."

I couldn't swallow the bitter feeling that had formed in my throat like a hard rock. My eyes were still glued to the stone path beneath me and I was ashamed to lift my head and face her eye to eye.

"Please, forgive me!" I managed to squeeze my words in a whisper loud enough for her to hear.

"Stand up, Thea! It is no way to act!"

Victoria came closer and as if I was a little child, she lifted my heavy body, which was weighed down by my emotions. I could feel her support, firm posture as if nothing in this world could shake her off balance. Despite her seemingly cold heart, she embraced me in a hug.

"Stop whining, Thea! As Edmund said, I am here to help you."

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