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"We should spend more time together." Cristina said delightedly.

I didn't understand what made her mood so bright. She stood in front of Edmund, his eyes boring into the newspaper, ignoring her subtle suggestions. Just for a second, his pale stare reached her tall form, under the dark, creased eyebrows. She giggled.

"I mean all of us, my 'sisters', Thea, you. Right?"

She glanced at me, eyes burning in happiness.

I couldn't enjoy myself. Victoria occupied my mind. This time her words seemed genuine, I saw the emotion in her usually cold face. Something told me to believe her – my intuition. It has proven trustworthy, but I don't know why I chose to ignore my feelings before?

I watched my husband. He appeared different like something has been taken away from him. In the presence of Cristina and us - the girls, Edmunds mood had darkened. Why? If Victoria didn't come, what made him change?

"Is something the matter?" He asked seriously, looking me up and down over the newspaper.

I shook my head. No word wanted to escape my lips. The bitterness and awareness of the horrible attitude I put up for Victoria were clinging to my chest – suffocating me. It was not me – the person this ugly emotion turned me into. When Edmund didn't belong to me, not once I thought of any woman in his life, it never bothered me, I didn't care. Now... the situation has changed. Stirring up my world and creating problems, which did not exist before.

He slowly folded the newspaper not leaving his eyes from me even for a second.

"Where is Victoria?"

"I don't know... I think she didn't feel well." I tried to avoid eye contact with him.

"Oh my god! What is that?" Cristina's sudden gasp snapped everybody out of their own thoughts.

She was behind me and for a second I didn't un

en the door." His voice calmed down.

Hesitating my hand reached for the door and unwillingly I opened it. My husband burst inside the room causing me to step back in freight. His creased eyebrows told how upset he was and I feared for the worst.

"Please... I am sorry." I felt my knees shake.

He stepped closer with even steps - slow and silent. There was nowhere to go, behind me a wall blocked my path.

"Thea, just calm down. Snap out of it!"

"Please, please...." My voice had turned to whisper while tears streamed down my cheeks.

I was yanked towards his chest, deprived of the ability to move freely. I was trapped in his hands, Edmund's hot breath fanned the top of my head. I could feel and hear his beating heart - fast and not slowing down.

"There is no point to ask for your forgiveness... knowing how horribly I acted. No amounts sorries will free me from my sins. I know it... I marked you... Branded you..., but you have to let it go. Let go of that memory and calm down. I won't hurt you, trust me, please." My husband's chest rumbled faintly.

"Why are you angry?" My cries were muffled in the crooks of his shirt.

"I am not angry at you Thea. It's myself..."

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