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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6580

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The next in line was Cristina, as Edmund was completely disinterested to play games with us. He sat in the same chair, where he was before and chose to read a newspaper. The usual sight of him being deep in his world reminded me the old times when he always spent his days in the library reading something important.

I smiled to myself as I looked for a place to hide.

Cristina was stumbling around like a blind hen. She seemed to enjoy herself. Behind the bushes, I watched her doll-like movements.

"She will never find us." A voice beside startled me.

I was looking into green eyes and excitement created a smile on Victoria's face. Like all the girls, she was enjoying the time spent with us, but seeing her so close to me, brought back the jealousy burning inside.

I was not in the mood and willing to pretend to enjoy her company.

"We need to talk, Victoria."

She glanced at me in confusion. I didn't wait for her response and dragged her by her arm away from girls or other curious eyes. They all seemed too busy to even notice our disappearance.

"Ow, ow! Slow down! What's the problem?"

We had arrived in the secluded section of the garden. Small rose bushes, leafy path, and tall hedges kept our existence in secrecy.

Finally, I let go of her. I noticed, that my hold was too tight when Victoria rubbed her sore limb.

"I have enough of your games, Victoria." My voice was hard and unwavering.

"We were just getting started."

"I am not talking about cloud chasing we are doing right now. It's Edmund."

She straightened her posture and put on a serious face expression, her attention completely on me.

"What it is you want to talk about?"

"What it is with you and my husband? You both seem too close to be called just friends. Soon enough people will be talking, if they are not already... There's something between you two you are not telling me about – a romance?"

There was a long pause and I waited for her respon

guilt and regret didn't want to leave my heart.

"Please forgive me... Victoria, Edmund..." I whispered to myself and the wind.

"Thea! Victoria!" Scarlet was calling out after some time.

I peeked through the branches and saw her coming my way. She had left her sister and cousin back at the teahouse. Edmund was still there, lazily basking in his chair and listening whatever Cristina was telling him. He seemed unfazed, which could not be said about the young lady. Margaret laid on the white blanket and enjoyed their company.

"Where is Victoria? We were looking for both of you. The game is over..." She seemed breathless marching down the hill.

"I... I got lost. Sorry, Scarlet."

I couldn't make myself to crack a smile, even a fake one.

"And Victoria? Have you seen her?"

"I think... I lost her."

I didn't see her anywhere. Not with girls nor Edmund. I was worried. Where did she go? I doubt that I have made her leave. She has always appeared strong and seemed nothing can disturb and change her mood. Though, maybe I am wrong. In reality, I have never known her. I never tried to get to understand her personality and what she really is about. I just listened to what impression she had left on other people – something I should learn to ignore because nothing is what it seems.

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