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Victoria came soon after and all eyes were set on her. She wore more plainly sewed dress, than any of us, but emitted the aura of the prettiest princess in the kingdom. It took so little for her to be noticed and admired by everyone.

She flashed an arrogant smile, glancing over us all until her eyes met my husband.

"I am glad you are here Edmund. It would be so boring just with us - girls today."

Victoria giggled childishly, met by my husband's subtle smile. He took her hand and welcomed his friend's arrival. If I wouldn't know my place in his life, she would look like Edmund's chosen one. The thought irritated me, but I decided that Victoria will not ruin my mood so easily if it was her plan.

Her green eyes reached mine. Deep dislike burned inside of me seeing her seemingly innocent smile.

I don't know why these thoughts cloud my mind. Is it because of Maria? The first young noble lady met in my life who betrayed my innocent and naive heart? Emotions she created will never leave my mind and deeply rooted doubts for every person. Good or bad, I don't seem to find it easy to trust such people as Victoria.

"I am so happy, that we could meet again, my highness. I really admire your simple, but strikingly memorable nature." Scarlet chirped like a young admirer meeting a famous person.

I blushed. Her kind compliment intrigued me. What did she mean by simple and memorable nature?

"Thank you, Scarlet. May I ask, what you find so striking in me?" I felt unsure if I want to hear an answer.

"I mean, you look tough and unshakable, in control of your emotions, but at the moment you speak, everyone seems to relax. Your voice reminds that you are the same kind of person as everyone else, like the same peop

ion grew bigger. How will I find Edmund? He could be anywhere.

Seemingly out of nowhere I bumped into someone. The scent and firm figure suggested it is my husband. It felt like he was standing beside me all this time, avoiding me and making me think I have won fairly.

My fists grabbed on his shirt seemingly gentle, but emotions boiled inside of me, making my hold tighter and stronger. I hated what had happened between us and I didn't know what to do, how to fix the friction, how to clear my doubts. I could ask, but there was always that feeling they might not tell the truth.

"You didn't even hide." My voice was filled with disappointment.

"Thea, I don't play games anymore. I have grown too old and... disinterested I guess."

Edmund's voice was calm and quiet. It made my emotions subside and feel like problems don't exist, even if it meant just for a little while.

"Next time you should try harder. It wasn't even a challenge, as you have been standing in plain sight."

My round was over, but I didn't want to take the blindfold off just yet. I took a moment to savor this peaceful moment before it is over and the doubts return.

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