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A man brought me a letter today informing about the soon arrival of the Ashton family. It's been days since I have met anybody from outside. For the change of calm passing days, I was happy to see people, who in my memory promised a pleasantly spent time.

I told servants to prepare supper and thought of many ways to entertain them, but nothing particular came to my mind. I have never had guests or friends visiting me.

"Edmund? What should we do? What nobles do when they meet?"

He shrugged and continued to stare in the newspaper.

"You don't need to pretend of not knowing. You have spent all your life in the company of likes of you. I, on the other hand, am totally clueless."

"We mostly do the talking. I don't know much about girl stuff. You probably play games and talk about men." He made a funny smile.

"The only man I know is you, " I said sarcastically. "Girls will be bored."

"You can always ask Victoria for advice."

In my mind, she seemed the last person I would turn for help and it wasn't said she would return the favor. She only cared about herself.

I noticed Edmund watching me over the edge of the newspaper.

"What's up with you and her? I have noticed you don't get along with my friend."

"She is odd. I don't know if I can trust her."

I was waiting for Edmund's reaction worried. My last intention was to offend him in any way suggesting his friends are not trustworthy.

"That's why I like her." My husband flashed a quick smile. "Give her a chance. You will see what she is about eventually." He made a long pause. "I hope so... ."

I couldn't get all the thought

and he refused to move his gaze elsewhere.

The same reaction came from girls, like a small crowd of admirers swooning over the famous man. I couldn't blame them. He was not only the king and a rich man but also very attractive. I didn't know, be grateful or vary of this unchangeable reality.

"I am so honored to meet our king as well today!" Cristina voiced her genuine surprise.

She gave her hand to Edmund in greeting manner, awaiting the soft kiss on her slim fingers, but my husband didn't seem to be willing go so far as expressing the gratitude for coming in the manner she expected. I think Cristina has been accustomed to different treatment, but Edmund chose to be rude, in a subtle way. It was nothing new to me, but nonetheless surprising seeing him interact with other women for a chance.

I could see a little disappointment in her features, but it vanished as fast as it came.

"Anybody else will be joining us?" Cristina said softly.

"Yes. One more person will come in a minute. I am sure you know her, Victoria Murray." Edmund informed confidently.

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