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My sight was set on the passing clouds outside the library. I took a glimpse in one of the books - thick and dusty collection of old fairy tales. Stories of princesses and other magical beings made me think of the true reality. Life of a princess was not so bright, as it was pictured in the books, at least not mine, but I wished it could be.

Anna's soft humming in the background let us experience the relaxing afternoon, freeing our minds of work duties and forget about the real world outside.

Sophia's slim form watched me, as I daydreamed.

"Sop standing there, Sophia. You are free to relax." I came back to reality. "Sit down, take a book, read something."

My voice was calm and I felt a little bit drowsy, sitting in afternoon sun rays.

"I can't read, your majesty."

"Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot."

Reality dawned upon me. Probably none of the servants could read. I expected that people living in the city were able to get some education, but unfortunately, it was not the case. I might be the lucky one, as Edmund made sure for me to learn as if knowing I will need it.

"Sophy, Sophy! Come and look, you don't need to know how to read this one. It's full of pictures!"

I waved for Sophia to relax and join Anna. She was so tense and didn't want to abandon her duties.

"Do you get your days off, Sophia?"

"No." She answered shortly.

"I will make sure to give you lots of free time."

"And... who will take care of you?" Anna asked.

"It's not like I can't be by myself. Have you forgotten, that I have been the 'servant' for most of my life?"

"But you are no more, that means you need your maids."

"Anna!" S

ver legally, without hiding it from the public."

"No, he wouldn't do it."

I don't know why, but slowly I started to doubt my own thoughts. Everything William had said sounded too convincing to dismiss it completely.

"Really? He might be with her right now. Where is he?" William sounded innocent.

"Somewhere in the house. He needed some time alone to cool down."

Blanchard drew his body back, leaned in the chair and put his long legs on top of the table. I could only see his silhouette, as the strong rays of sun outlined his features.

"Well, he bet not be with any of his girls. Just know, I am on your side, princess. I would hate to see your fragile heart broken."

"The matter of my heart is not your business."

I didn't want to give Blanchard any hope I trust him. He wasn't a person who had showed once his loyalty. It's all words, but I would like to see him act if his words are so true.

"Whatever, I will be watching you. Who else will... ."

He closed his eyes and lazily basked in the sun.

Through the corner of my eyes, I saw the girls watching me worriedly.

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