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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5624

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Everyone's mood at the breakfast table made air heavy, no one talked. Glances of annoyance traveled between the members of my family. It was a very rare occasion to see all of us together, but the feeling of tension suggested that no one was happy to see one another.

I and Edmund were the last ones to join. His mother and father had started their meals without us. Amelia's eyes were set on the fruit salad she had started. It was nothing new, as she never acknowledged me in these situations. I was just curious, why she turned to her old self, after clearly stating her dislike for me. My troubling heart calmed down.

"Good morning!" I said not waiting for a response from anybody.

Through the corner of my eye, I noticed Charles tilting his head and his dark eyes watching me.

"Good morning to both of you." His voice rumbled calmly.

Edmund's mood hasn't gotten better despite him talking through his feelings with me overnight. Seeing his parents his eyebrows creased even more. He moved his eyes from his mother to over his father in judging stare, as if waiting for them to speak, but his cold nature showed he doesn't want to hear a single word coming from them.

"The last night was rather successful. I waited for more resistance at first, but luckily Thea got sympathies of guests very easy."

Edmund's father chose to take the risk.

I flinched inwardly when Edmund's warning glance reached Charles. I didn't want this morning to go bad so early. I gently touched my husband's arm, to draw his attention back, distracting him from the things he was ready to say.

"By the way, I talked with Richard Ashton, he would be very interested to visit us with

e royal family. A book of positive emotions would cheer me up if I could find the right one.

The library was located on another side of the castle - the place was quiet, sometimes seemed abandoned, forgotten by everyone. No servants or guards came here as often as it needed to be. I thought to take my two little helpers with me - Sophia and Anna. It would be a nice change for them too, freeing their busy hands from everyday work.

"Sophia? Anna?" I called out loud moving towards the servants quarters.

Sophia appeared from the room right away, her face showing her usual nonchalant-ness. Anna, on the other hand, burst out in exploding manner full of energy and happiness. Her cheerful face brought lightness to my heavy heart.

"What do you need us for, my majesty?"

"I wanted to go on a journey, but I am too 'afraid' to leave by myself. I will need assistance."

Their faces emitted deep confusion, especially Sophia's. Her serious mind couldn't grasp the true meaning behind my intention.

I took a hold of Anna's tiny arm and lead her to the place, where I have found comfort many times before.

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