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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6170

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The evening at our castle was quiet. I tried to avoid the questioning glances given by servants as they awaited my arrival. I know they were waiting for Edmund to appear, but I had left him behind. My heart was beating in unpleasant anticipation of meeting my husband.

Back in the bedroom, my eyes turned to a drawer. I had used it less and less over the days, the contents inside made me question my place. It opened with a faint squeak. A tiny box was all it had, looking lonely and forgotten. I opened it and my heart twisted in pain, I had not experienced before.

Two white pearls and tiny golden flowers transported my mind back to early memories. So beautiful and special these earrings seemed at the time. Are they now? I wish these jewels still hold the meaning to its very core. My fingers trace over every tiny petal - so fragile. I think of how many years or centuries they have endured, seen the hearts broken or maybe none at all.

My own heart breaks thinking about my marriage tumbling apart. Many people and obstacles come at us so often, I start to question myself - for how much longer will we endure? Despite everything, I have to remind myself to stay strong and protect, what is dear to me - the lasting life of my family.

A soft knock on a door reminds me I will not be able to stay alone for tonight, rethink the events and sort out my troubled thoughts.

"Welcome back, my majesty." Anna's tiny voice relaxes me. "I will help you prepare for the night."

I nodded, too tired to say a word.

She seemed hesitant to approach me, her timid steps expressing her uncertainty. For her young mind, I knew she can sense, that something was not right. I could feel her glancing over my shoulder.

"What are those? So beautiful!"

"These earrings are the symbol of our love. They have stood the test of time long bef

to devour me. "Ss... stop. You are hurting me." His fingers were cutting deeper in my arms.

He mumbled something between his deep breaths.

"Sorry. I just... need... ."

Edmund let go of his strong grip, but he kept my body close to his. His heart was beating erratically. I wished to turn around and see his face, but I feared for what I will find.

"Please, give me a hug." I could hear he felt uncomfortable to ask.

I turned around and I was lucky to see nothing. The darkness in the room denied the view of any detail of his face, but I could imagine the emotions he felt when each word came out unwillingly.

My arms wrapped around his tense chest, the beating of his heart did not cease. It hurt me to see him this way, so emotionally disturbed and out of control.

"Why did you leave me?"

"I... I was afraid. I thought you were angry about what I did, that I ruined the night."

"It was not you, who ruined it. Also, thank you for taking control. It was about to get very ugly if you wouldn't have come."

My tears, which I had been holding inside, welled over my cheeks. I felt so hurt by seeing Edmund lose his control over himself once again.

"I was scared...., so scared." I cried in his arms.

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