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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5704

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Maria turned her head around slowly, as if being disturbed in midst of something important. Her noble face showed a slight surprise, but not a shocking expression which I expected to see. She looked rather calm. I was awaiting her rage filled insults coming my way immediately, but she kept her calm.

"You are not welcomed here." I continued.

She made a subtle smile. I knew that her sweetness was just a facade and a venom oozing personality hid inside.

"Oh! A queen herself has honored me with her presence. I thought you had run away hearing about my arrival."

Maria hadn't lost her collected behavior. Nothing suggested about her dirty plans, which I knew she had in plan for me or Edmund. I on other hand could hardly keep myself together. I wanted her out right now, but making a scene was the last thing that everybody needed to see. People were waiting to witness the drama unfold, but Maria will not get her satisfaction seeing me go mad in front of my guests.

"You have got a wrong idea, if you think I would leave my family in your mercy. I will always protect my loved ones, no matter what my position is."

"I am not here to to reclaim my spot, if that's what you think. I came to deliver a special message to Edmund from my dear father. So... if you will let me finish..." Maria raised her chin arrogantly and in the same slow motion turned back to face Edmund.

Just now I noticed him, the way he looked down on us from a throne - all silent and observing. I wish to not had seen him this way. It was not my husband anymore, who I had known before. My heart stopped and endless questions invaded my mind of what had happened before I came back. What Maria had done or said to h

art, but not with people present.

Taking a deep breath I said the words, which I hoped not to regret.

"The party is over! I want everybody to leave!"

I tried to keep my voice loud enough for everyone to hear, barely. Inside I was shaking by the intense emotions evoked.

I was waiting another minute in hopes I will hear a word from Edmund, but he stayed silent.

I decided to leave through another door, to avoid the questionable stares and whispers of guests leaving the event early. Alone time was all I needed and Edmund, but not the cold king I left sitting in the ball room. The sweet and loving person he had become was my only remedy for achieving calmness.

As I was ready to head home, sitting in the carriage and savoring the silence, my mind was still with Edmund. I peaked my head through the tiny door to get attention of the guard.

"Excuse me, do you know where is Edmund? .... Uhmmm... King?"

"I heard he is still in the ball room, my majesty."

"Alright. Thank you!" My voice faded in disappointment.

What has happened with my husband? Is he feeling well? I could not stop, but worry about him.

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